Now, don’t go reporting my humans to the ASPCA, no schnauzers were fed “special beverages” during the photo shoot below…

One weekend with “The Herd” in October, my humans thought it would be hysterical to photograph German dogs (Schnauzers) in an Octoberfest (or “Oktoberfest” in German) themed photo shoot. They wanted to call it “Schoctoberfest” (silly humans).

My humans happened to have a bottle of our local microbrewer “special beverages” and poured sample glasses as props for the photos (and again, no schnauzers were given any of these beverages!).


Me (Sassy) along with Freida, Mike and Chopper, pretending to celebrate “Schnoctoberfest”

My humans were laughing quite hard during the photo shoot and we got plenty of biscuits out of the them in order to get us to all be still at the same time.

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