How to Make Me Mad

I am usually very tolerant of humans and their rituals. However there is one thing I really hate – BATHS!

My humans think they are so cute. They get all the bath supplies ready and then take off my necklace (or collar as some humans call it) and say: “Oh look Sassy is naked!” and giggle (my humans have a low threshold for amusement). They think it is so cute to have me look for places to hide around the house once my necklace comes off.

I have no choice but to endure the bath and I usually have to share the bath area/washtub with my adopted brother Mike. I guess the humans are too lazy to give us each our own private baths.

After the bath drama has ended and I am semi-dry I usually try to seek revenge by wandering the house tossing pillows and quilts about, pretending that I really need to dry myself further on them. That is what those pesky humans get for taking off my necklace and getting me damp!


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