Battle for the “Cozy Spot”

There is a battle in our household for the prime cozy spot: the stack of quilts on the bench by the front window. This used to be my spot and now Mike seems obsessed with this spot.


I  mentioned in a previous post how much he likes quilts. As you can see in the photo below he is not only laying on a quilt, but he has lifted up a section of the quilt to get it exactly as he wants it (did he prefer one fabric pattern square over another?!??!).

I think the only resolution is for the humans to remodel the house and put in another front window area with another bench and another stack of quilts for me! I need to be at the front window to continue to protect the house from marauding UPS delivery drivers (who continue with their silly games of running up to the front door, ringing the bell and running off!).

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