First Bike Ride of the Season

Just a quick post, as I am so incredibly busy monitoring and managing humans. I let my female human out of my sight for a little bit a week or so ago and she snuck off to a quilt retreat for four (4) days!

So I have to keep extremely close watch on her now.

The humans took us on our first bike ride of the season today. We ride in our doggy backpacks on their backs. Here we are post-ride. I was ready to get out of the backpack and continue my human management from the ground. Mike just wanted to stay in the backpack, he had gotten too cozy in it!



Cuddle Manipulation

I have been busy managing humans, so you have not heard from me in a while.

I wanted to share how proud I am of my adopted brother Mike. He has learned from the best (me) on how to fully manipulate humans using cute looks and poses.

My female human gives him “cuddle time” most mornings after she has her tea in her comfy chair in the front window. He knows when it is time for the cuddle and hurries over when she puts her tea down.

Today, she was busy and quickly drank her tea and left the chair without giving Mike any “cuddle time”. When she returned to the front window area an hour later, Mike was in her chair alone, apparently having an imaginary cuddle with her via the pillow she usually leans against.

This of course caused her to immediately go “Awwww, that is sooooo cute!” She immediately sat down on the chair and cuddled him.

Sometimes the pupil becomes the teacher – Mike: that was a Masters level of human manipulation! You are on your way to a Doctorate in Human Management!