The Edge of a Quilt Works for a Nap

My male human started quilting last year (see Terry the Quilting Husband on the tierneycreates blog).

I was concerned this would take time away from him petting me and keeping me happy at all times. It has not been too bad, I have a pillow I nap on under his sewing table while he is sewing. Plus he is now adding more of my natural habitats to the house – quilts.

His latest quilt (a T-shirt quilt made from the best kind of T-shirts possible – T-shirts with drawings of schnauzers on them) came back from the long-arm quilter (this person is okay as a human as she also managed by a miniature schnauzer) and my female human was helping out and putting on the binding to finish it off.

The quilt was draped over the ironing board and my adopted brother Mike and I discovered we could take naps on the edge that touched the floor. The humans of course had to take photos (remember they find everything we do is cute, but maybe this is true).

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