Mike’s Inaugural Back Pack Ride

I am a seasoned “dog back pack” professional and I am used to be carried around by my humans in their doggy back packs (I would of course prefer if they called them their “Manager-holding Back Packs”).

Sunday 3/29 Mike, my adopted brother, went on his first doggie back pack bike ride. I could tell my  humans were concerned for the following reasons:

  1. Mike is kind of rambunctious
  2. Mike is easily distracted
  3. Mike has never been in a doggie back pack before to our knowledge
  4. Mike is 6-8 pounds heaver than me

Surprisingly everything went really well! Mike rode with my male human and I rode with my female human (who is most susceptible to my influence). I even got my female human to up her speed when we came to a long open stretch of road so I could feel the wind in my beard! At the end of the ride, when we returned home, Mike did not seem to understand that he needed to now get out of the back pack and walk on his own again. I tried to set an example by trying to get myself out on my own (but I had those pesky safety restraints so one of the humans had to help me). Mike just sat in his pack staring into space. He is still in training…





Mike in Training

I have started training my adopted brother Mike on controlling humans. We are starting small – with the “Schnauzer Stare“. Once he masters staring down humans to try and convince them to give him treats, food on their plates, etc. then we can move onto other human management techniques.