Mike and His Ball

My adopted brother Mike is obsessed with his BALL! Constantly he is asking: “Please human take me outside and throw the ball!” and “I do not care that you just threw the ball with me an hour ago, I need more BALL!”. It is the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up in the morning. He cannot wait to jump out of bed in the morning and rush outside to get some “am ball throwing” before he eats breakfast.

He has an outside ball (blue) and he has an inside ball (orange). He likes to just walk around with the ball in his mouth. My humans did get him a set of special rubber balls for dogs that are difficult to chew up and safe on his mouth. Regular Tennis balls can be dangerous to a dog’s mouth and if chewed up can cause problems in our tummies. Just Google “tennis ball dogs” and you will see articles warning against giving dogs tennis balls to chew on.

So far Mike, as much as he chews and slobbers on his ball, has not managed to really chew it up at all. He has managed to annoy me with his BALL obsession but I am trying to be patient with him.  My humans continue to find him cute and highly entertaining. I suspect however they have low thresholds for being entertained.



Humans make New Years Resolutions, so why shouldn’t their miniature schnauzers make New Years Resolutions? Below is a list of my New Years Resolutions for 2015. I will update you as the year progresses:

  1. Improve my “Schnauzer Stare” – I need to improve my stare to the point that humans have no choice but to give me what they know I want (additional scratches on my neck, additional treats, moving out of my favorite spot on the sofa, etc.). Additionally I need to start using the Schnauzer Stare when I tire of the endless photoshoots. Yes I know everything I do is cute, it just doesn’t need to be all recorded.
  2. Be a better “First Responder” (to save fallen food): Before Mike joined us, I was first in the kitchen if any food was dropped – now I have to compete with him and he has beaten me several times to the kitchen to get the item accidentally dropped on the floor. He is faster than me (perhaps because he is younger) but I am still smarter. I have to improve my maneuvering skills and maybe I can trip him up on his way to the kitchen. Neither of us however are fast enough if my human drops something that we should not eat on the floor (like those chocolate chips while she was making cookies the other day) – she is lightening fast on scooping that up before either of us get to “be the first responder”!
  3. Get my humans to go to bed earlier: This needs to be one of their New Years Resolutions also, they have been staying up way too late (past 10 pm. I need about 15-18+ sleep a day and they are interfering by staying up too late! As you know from my previous posts – I LOVE BED! Bed is a magical and cozy place that I look forward to going each day. Mike also likes to wake up too early on the weekends and we go to work on that. He is continually obsessed with THE BALL. The moment he senses any daylight (or the hint of daylight) he wants to get up, go outside and play ball. I would prefer to just roll over on my human’s pillow and go back to sleep.

Well I wish you all a very Happy New Year and make sure if you have furry canine people in your life you help them achieve their New Years Resolutions (I don’t care about cats and their resolutions).