I Think the “End of Days” is Finally Over

Mike and I are exhausted, yesterday (July 4th) seemed to be the “End of Days”. There were terrifying sounds coming from outside the house all weekend with the loudest and scariest sounds on the evening of 07/04.


I spent a lot of the weekend and Monday 07/04 hiding anywhere I could find to hide. My humans only left us alone for 2 hours to go to some party on 07/04 but then they spent the rest of 07/04 “bunkering” in with us (we watched loud movies and all snuggled on the sofa together – I figured if the world was ending we were all going to be together).

The world did not end, we are still here (though by the way I was vibrating in terror the evening of 07/04 you would think there was no tomorrow). I guess next summer we have to face the same terror again.

At least we get another year of sanity until the craziness starts again…


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