Me and My Yoga Mat

This post originally appears on the tierneycreates blog’s Schnauzer Snips 03/14/2014 

I just noticed that quite a bit of time has passed since my previous post. I have been very busy, as usual, managing humans and napping. Speaking of napping, I wanted to share another favorite place to nap – the yoga mat! One of my humans uses the yoga mat each morning and one morning forgot to put it away. I discovered this is a wonderful place to nap. I do not care if it is in the middle of the hallway and is inconvenient, it works for me!

I did show off a couple of times and did “downward dog” on the mat before laying down. One of my humans keeps trying to capture this on her camera, but I have thwarted her efforts so far.  I do not like all my cute activities documented!

One of my humans tried to roll up the yoga mat on me one day and I held my ground and would not leave it. The mat is fair game if left on the floor!


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