Annual Holiday Humiliation (Happy Schnolidays)

Once again I had to endure my annual humiliation, I mean holiday photo with my brother. Maybe if the humans continue with this silliness, I will stop giving them my partially undivided attention (other part of my attention goes to watching at the front window that they are not mauled by marauding kitties or delivery drivers).


– Happy Schnolidays from Mike & Sassy


Hello from the “Arctic”

I have not written for awhile as I have been busy managing humans,  napping, and trying to stay dry and warm.

I made it through the first great snowfall of the season (but I refused to pose for any photos in the snow). My humans thought it was adorable that the snowfall was greater than I am tall (me = 16 inches; snowfall = 16 – 24 inches). I sunk into the freshly fallen snow up to my nose. This greatly displeased me. I do not like cold, and I do not care for snow.

My adopted brother Mike loves snow. He even wanted to play ball in the snow. He did lose one of his balls in one of the huge “snow drifts” in the backyard. He had to wait until a snowmelt to find it again.

Okay so no photos of me in snow at this time, but here is a photo of me and a couple of my followers. I keep them in line (except for the making me walk in the snow part and getting me wet and cold, humph!)


I am in front, my followers are in back