We are Very Thankful!

My adopted brother Mike and I are having a great Thanksgiving today as our humans are where we like them – relaxing around the house, where we can keep track of them.

My humans were non traditional and had homemade Chicken Pot Pie for their Thanksgiving dinner (but with some cranberry sauce on the side). With our dinner, they included a little chicken and vegetables on top of our kibble.

Since it’s Thanksgiving, Mike and I thought we would share what we are thankful for (besides that we have two humans “under our paws”):

MIKE: His afghan that a very nice human picked up at a thrift shop – he loves a nap on it:


ME: My male human’s slippers – they are so cozy to nap in and I have my “Slipper Kingdom” at the edge of the sofa:

2016-11-24_12-48-15_348.jpgHope you and your humans had a good Thanksgiving!

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