Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer

This is the last post for the Schnauzer Snips blog. Due to a sudden medical crisis, Sassy the Highly Opinionated Schnauzer is no longer with us, she has crossed the “Rainbow Bridge”.

Thank you to her readers and followers of her Schnauzer Snips blog. She will of course be greatly missed and us, her humans, must now manage ourselves or hope her adopted brother Mike learned enough from her to take over managing us.

Sharing a couple recent photos – we were taking annual Happy Schnolidays photos a couple days ago before her sudden illness.

Sassy and her adopted brother Mike looking festive:


Sassy in a solo photo holiday photo shoot:


The humans (aka Tierney of tierneycreates and Terry the Quilting Husband) wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and thanks again for reading Sassy’s adventures and musings over the years.

-Tierney & Terry



Sofa Face!

My adopted brother Mike loves napping on the sofa behind my male human’s knees. He goes into a really deep sleep (like completely passed out). Usually before he falls asleep behind the human-knees he nuzzles the pillows on the sofa to get the perfect cozy position.

Well yesterday my male human got off the sofa but Mike was so deep asleep he did not notice. When my male human went to get me a biscuit for my afternoon medication (the seizure disorder thing I got going on), Mike heard the sound of the biscuit container opening and suddenly popped up – looking dazed and confused with – SOFA FACE!


How embarrassing! I am so glad my female human captured the photos above so the world can see what I had to look at. My humans did adjust his beard for him after the photo.

Illuminated Schnauzers

My humans think they are cute – they bought us lighted additions to our collars and now we are forced to be “illuminated schnauzers”.


Can you tell from the above photo that I am not very pleased with my new luminescence?

The humans explained to us that now it is late Fall in Central Oregon and is dark early, we will all be safer on our evening walk if we have illumination. This was their excuse to run out and buy these lights.


Well – wouldn’t a better idea = the humans wearing lights on their necks?

They are taller than us and the lights would be easier to spot from a high vantage point!


Keppra Side Effects – Cuddliness?

A couple of months ago I went on Keppra (Levetiracetam) for my newly developed seizure disorder. Well one of the side effects appears to be this weird “cuddliness” I have developed with my adopted brother Mike.

Before going on Keppra, for the past 4 years Mike has been with us, I have prided myself on being aloof to Mike. He knew I tolerated him as the family pet but that was about it.

Now I continue finding myself snuggling with him. What has happened to me! (Just say ‘No’ to drugs! Well unless you must take them for medical reasons…)


I just got groomed today so hopefully next time I post I will not look so shaggy (and hopefully not so “under the influence”!)

– Sassy

Schnauzers on a Swing

Last Friday, October 27th, our humans took us in the early evening to Sisters, Oregon as they wanted to see the opening of a show my female human is in (see the post Twigs Gallery Show – Pathways).

We wandered around downtown Sisters, and stopped at the fly fishing shop in Sisters my male human likes. We did not go into the fly fishing shop with him as sometimes they have a dog in there and my adopted brother Mike would get all “growly” and cause trouble. So we waited outside with our female human.

While waiting, she thought it would be cute to do a photoshoot on the swing outside the shop. I however did not think it was cute. Actually I was quite annoyed and I nearly slipped through one of the slat on the swing!


See the red arrow – that’s the slat I started slipping through


Endured a couple photos


Enough already! Checking to see if my male human is done with shopping

Schnauzers are not toys to be posed for photographs!

The things I must endure living with (and managing) humans!

It’s My Blog Anniversary Too

I see my female human wrote on her tierneycreates blog about her 4 year Blog Anniversary. Well it is my Schnauzer Snips Blog Anniversary too, it isn’t just about her and her silly blog.

I have not written in a while as I was busy protecting my humans from UPS and Fed-Ex drivers, marauding kitties, and eating too much of their own food (I like my humans nice and trim so I constantly offer to help remove food from their plates). Also I have encouraged my humans to give me plenty of good tummy rubs, and here I am immensely enjoying tummy-rub perfection:


Finally I am nearly 14 years old and I am not up to writing as much as I used to be. Still there is no reason not to celebrate MY blog anniversary!

Schnauzer Snips: Musings from a Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer began 4 years ago in October 2013 and started as a page on my female humans tierneycreates blog, as she was too lazy to make me my own blog. A couple years later she finally made me my own blog and moved all the content.

I think she just had my blog attached to hers so she would get more readers. Sad, huh?

Well in celebration of MY Blog Anniversary, here is a reposting of my very first Schnauzer Snips post on October 28, 2013.

Life with my Arch-Nemesis: Black Kitty (October 2013)

I want to talk about my arch-nemesis, the very bane of my existence: Black Kitty.

Black Kitty is an apparently feral cat that roams my front yard from dawn till dusk.  My human family has set up the “Natural Selection Convention” in our front yard: we have numerous bird feeders luring innocent birds for a snack; and numerous neighborhood  cats who come to “visit” with the birds while they attempt to eat. Black Kitty, who thinks he is very stealth, hides under the foliage in the front yard waiting for an unsuspecting bird to peck by. I have found feathers in our yard from his clueless victims. Even worse than the “Natural Selection Convention” is the “Bird Head Injury Window”. Our front window has wooden blinds and to me (who likes to poke the individual slats out of place) it seems very clear that the window is a stopping point for anyone going forward. Alas, many birds appear to not realize you cannot keep flying through a window, and they hit it at full speed –  POW – they drop to the porch, dazed. Black Kitty keeps an eye on the porch all day watching for birdie head injury victims, which he runs over and scoops up.

I watch Black Kitty and his shenanigans all day long out the front window, it is my primary job in my family (though my humans get annoyed when they have to continually clear my paw prints off the window). All day long he stares at me and mocks me whenever he gets the chance.

This week, Black Kitty made a bold move. Usually when my human takes my brother and me for a walk, Black Kitty relocates away from our front porch area to a safer location (could it be my vicious growling that makes him move??!?!?) Black Kitty however did not move when I went to walk by this week – he boldly stood there, daring me to bite off his nose as I came within inches of his hideous face. I decided not to maul him since my human was with me and I suspected his claws are sharper than mine. Now I must struggle with the terrible realization that I have failed to strike fear and sheer terror into the heart of Black Kitty.  He may no longer take seriously my continual body slamming against the window when he nears, oh no!

Here is a photo of me waiting for my human to take me on a walk, as I watch Black Kitty carefully from the screen door.


Schnauzer Approved Clothing

My male human mainly wears Schnauzer-themed t-shirts. You might think this is weird but it does reinforce the natural awesomeness of Schnauzers.

He has quite the collection, and when some of his t-shirt wore out, he and my female human made them into a wallhanging quilt:


Recently a couple more of his Schnauzer-themed t-shirt wore out and had to go into the “future t-shirt quilt” pile. So my female human got him a new t-shirt on Etsy from a company called HouseBroken Clothing:


HouseBrokenClothing Etsy Shop

He is pretty excited about his new t-shirt and I heard him tell my female human that it was going now be his “dress t-shirt”.

Here is the cool tag that came with the t-shirt:



Although it is now in the “future t-shirt quilt” pile as it is worn out, this is my all time favorite Schnauzer t-shirt of my male human:




Inappropriate Use of a Schnauzer

Thought I would share something from my Schnauzer Snips archives today from September 2016….

Schnauzer Snips

I was sitting on my female human’s lap the other night and looking through old photos on her computer. She started laughing when she came upon this photo:

12909536_10205958640224732_6762399562662258914_oYes that is me with “kleenex” stuffed into my collar.

Here is what happened: Last Spring, my female human’s allergies were acting up big time with the change in weather in Central Oregon (lots of Spring pollen) and so my female human asked my male human to hand her some “kleenex”.

He felt that since one of my hobbies is sitting close to and staring at my female human (it is one of the techniques I use to manage her), I should also be her tissue dispenser!

So my male human loaded my collar (or necklace as I prefer they call it) with “kleenex” so my female human could have easy access to tissues as I stare at her.


View original post 5 more words

Learning Bad Habits?

My male human just got his first “smartphone” (not sure why humans call them that). Previously he was likely the last human on earth with a flip phone. My female human made fun of him. When she got a new smartphone, she convinced him to trade in his flip phone for her old smartphone.

Now he has discovered “phone games” and he is teaching them to me:


The time I spend with my male human playing game with him is our private time. You will see below I am a little annoyed with my female human for interrupting us with her incessant photography (documenting my extreme cuteness as usual…)


I am not quite sure what I am doing on the “phone game” but I play along as I like snuggling with my male human (don’t worry this is just part of my overall strategy for human management, I am not growing soft or anything).


Speaking of growing soft, I am having a little issue related to side effects from my new medication.

Let me back up: If you remember from a previous post, I was allegedly having seizures (I do not remember them but my humans say they were happening, I just remember being sore and confused) and it was discovered I had hypothyroidism.

I went on thyroid meds and started feeling better right away. Unfortunately a couple weeks later I started having seizures again. I ended up having to go on an anti-seizure medication, Keppra.

I am doing great on the medication, no more seizures, but I am dealing with a HUGE SIDE EFFECT: it is making me mellow and cuddly. So cuddly, against my better judgement, I ended up cuddling with my adopted brother Mike and even cleaning his ear (yuck, obviously I was in a drug-induced fog)!

Of course my human captured photos of this ghastly event:


I quickly came to my senses after a couple ear-cleaning licks and you will see in the photo below I had to give my female human with the camera and irritated glare:


Sigh, must everything be documented??!?!?!


Pets on Quilts 2017

I do not consider myself a “pet”, I am a “fur-person” but I am going to participate in this blog contest held by Lilypad Quilting called “Pets on Quilts 2017“.

My human, tierneycreates‘, blogging buddy Abbie at Sparkle On, entered the contest with some…cat. So now I need to enter to ensure that canines are properly represented!

I was looking through photos of me on quilts with my female human (she is better with the laptop than I am) and at first I thought about entering one of these photos below, of me being exceptionally cute (as usual) with a quilt(s):


In the one above, I am being exceptionally cute!

But then I decided, I would not just make it about me and looked through some photos of my adopted brother Mike on quilts, and decided this is the one we will enter:


It was one of those very rare occasions when my female human manages to take a really decent photo!

Humans Training Tips

chalkboard-1186852-1279x980-2.jpgThis post is for canines living with homo sapiens (aka “humans”). I know the humans refer to you as their “pets” or your “owners”, but let’s be honest – who really owns who?

I already have a series of posts I have tagged as Managing Humans. But I thought I would  summarize for you some of my top three (3) tips for training humans to meet your needs.

Tip #1: Panting

Recently I was diagnoses with hypothyroidism and I went on thyroid meds. I am feeling better and stopped having those strange seizures I was allegedly having in the evening (I do not remember them, just that I was sore and confused).

Before I went on my thyroid meds I was panting a lot. Now that I am on my meds I do not need to pant as much but I have noticed that if I start panting, I can immediately get a human’s attention and concern.

I got put on a low fat diet because of some lab test results (I think they were faked by the suspicious vet office to sell my humans low fat food) and I am not pleased as the humans have cut back on any special table scrap treats (I need bacon to live!!!).

However I used my panting to get them to make some rice (I love rice) to add as a treat to my very boring low fat dog food (who came up with the idea of “dog food”, why can’t we just eat as our humans eat?).

Tip #2: Staring

Staring is a powerful tool to train humans to meet your needs. Mine is called the “Schnauzer Stare” but even if you are not a schnauzer you can perfect this. Breeds such as labs and golden retriever will struggle with this, as when they stare at their humans they will only look cuter (especially golden) and the humans will not realize the purpose of the stare. (However see Tip #3 as “cuteness” can also be a powerful tool to train humans).

When I really want to emphasize the power of my stare, I will shift my weight back and forth on my front lets, to demonstrate my impatience that the human is not doing what I want them to do.


Never underestimate the power of the stare

A proper stare should actually feel like a glare, especially if time is passing and the human(s) are not abiding your wishes.

Tip #3: Doing Cute Things

The third and sometimes the most powerful tip is to do something cute. Well something the humans find cute.

Have you ever wondered why puppies are not smothered in their sleep by humans? Even after they pee and poop everywhere, chew up their shoes, etc? It is the power of CUTENESS.

If you can elicit an “Awwwwwwwwww” from your humans, you got them hooked!

Here is a photo of one of my classic cute poses used to control my humans:


My humans become putty in my paws when I do stuff like this.

I hope these tips helped you. Start slow and build. In the future we will move to more advanced human training techniques.

Featured image credit: Chalkboard by BSK, free

Schnauzer Quilt

I recently realized I have likely never posted about this.

Each night before I go to sleep in my bed (well technically it is my humans’ bed), I have to deal with this quilt below staring at me from the other side of the bedroom.


You’ve probably picked up from reading my blog, that my humans are absolutely obsessed with schnauzers. My female human made this quilt in 2006 and in 2007 it was her first quilt to ever be in a show – it was in the 2007 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon.

It was her first foray I think, into something she calls “art quilting” and “improvisational quilting”. Sounds like a bunch of fluffy words to me but I am sharing them in case they mean anything to you. The quilt is called Inspired by Schnauzers and I remember my female human saying something about it being inspired by the beauty of Central Oregon and of course schnauzers (the most beautiful entities on the planet of course!)

Here are my brother Mike and I getting ready to go to sleep for the night (with that quilt glaring at us). I do not normally like photos with evidence that I sort of like my adopted brother Mike (note the semi “furry eyeball” I am giving the photographer) but since you all are my faithful readers (even though you do not mail me large packages of dog biscuits), I will share it will you.


I am kind of sleepy so I am not giving the full “furry eyeball” I usually give when my privacy is invaded.

Yeah, yeah, I can hear all your cooing and “ahhhhhs/awwwws” from here. I had to put up with enough of them from my female human.


I have not posted in a while as I am dealing with some medical issues. I appear to be having seizures, according to my humans. All I know is I suddenly wake up from a strange nap very confused and sore. My humans recently took me to my doctor, he rans some tests and I have something called hypothyroidism.

I got put on a medication (that they hide in my food, they are not fooling me – I know what is going on) and I think it is helping me. I could do without seizures and confusion in my life, they interfere with ongoing strategic management of my humans.


Shopping with Schnau

We convinced the humans to take us shopping this weekend.

The home improvement store was not particularly exciting (the humans were looking a new screen doors) but it was better than waiting in the car.


I am sure for the humans their shopping experience was greatly enhanced by having “schnau” in their shopping cart!

Tummy Time

My female human is so busy all the time. Occasionally I have to encourage her to slow down and spend some “Tummy Time” with me.

Yes it is all about me, but I am sure it helps her refocus. Lay on my back and side and encourage her to scratch my belly and a wriggle my legs in delight. It makes my female human smile and laugh.

Below are some action photos. Keep in mind my female human is laughing and scratching my belly while taking photos!


Yes, I provide a public service to humans.


Speaking of humans, I wanted to share a photo of a T-shirt my male human likes to wear, that I highly approve of:


No worries, even though he is an “obedience school drop-out” he is still well managed by me!

Saturday Schnouting (Schnauzer Outing)!

At some point I am going to post about the Schnauzer-Lexicon or “Schnexicon” my weird schnauzer-obsessed humans have developed over the years. They take their English words and “Schnauzer-fy” them when talking about Schnauzer-related activities. I will continue to keep track of these weird words for a future post.

This past Saturday we went on a day trip with the humans (they drove of course as my feet cannot reach the pedals and they have manual transmission cars so it gets way too complicated with all that clutch-shifting thing) to Sisters, Oregon.


Helping the humans navigate in the front seat since I cannot drive

This was my adopted brother Mike’s first fun outing (going to the vet does not count as a “fun” outing) since ended up in a cone (see post Schnauzer in a Cone) and he seemed pretty happy to be out and about with his humans.

My humans’ friend Susan joined us. My female human, Susan and I (in my backpack) went to the Stitchin’ Post quilt shop, while my male human and Mike (in his backpack with his cone off!) went to the fly fishing shop in Sisters.

Then we went to some sort of used stuff sale where my female human bought some weird old sewing device (see the Postscript section of her post Quilting Sisters, Part II) that she probably did not need. She could have used that money for something for me instead!

Then we went to lunch at the Depot Deli and sat outside on the patio (weird humans do not let dogs eat in restaurants…I don’t understand this as we look cleaner and more intelligent than some of the humans eating in restaurants…)

My Photo Diary of Our Adventures in Sisters on Saturday

I was pretty disgusted at the Stitchin’ Post quilt shop at first! The first thing I noticed was a quilt of a CAT (my natural or sworn enemy) on the wall! Sure it was a nicely made art quilt but I could not believe someone would choose a cat as subject matter!

As my human wandered around the quilt shop with me in her backpack it got better as other humans were cooing and oohing and ahhhing when they saw me on her back. They were lining up to pet me and scratch my head and chin. I love being adored/woshipped by humans!


Ick, a cat quilt even if it is nicely done (quilt by June Jaeger)

I still think they need some dog quilts on the wall.

Here is Mike in his backpack at same used stuff sale we went to in Sisters. Notice he does not have his cone on in the backpack. I think he was so happy to be in the backpack carried around by my male human he was less grumpy and let people pet him in his backpack:

Finally here we are at lunch with our humans. Our humans’ friend Susan gave us some of her tri-tip sandwich she had for lunch so now she is our new best friend!


Here I am trying to advise my humans what to order to lunch


Wouldn’t I make a great art quilt wall hanging?

Schnauzer in a Cone

As one of my human’s friends, Lisa, who is a veterinarian, says:

“It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone.”

Well my adopted brother Mike has ended up in a cone (the official name is an “Elizabethan Collar”). We are not sure yet how long he has to wear it and I am trying my best not to make fun of him (I am really struggling…).

He has a situation going on with his hindquarters and he is not supposed to lick the area while it heals. I would provide you with more details but my humans are in the healthcare field and have taught me about Protected Health Information (PHI) and I do not want to violate Mike’s “PHI”.

(However for a couple of biscuits I would spill the beans).

Initially Mike fell into a “cone depression” and was moping about the house:


The “cone blues”

After a couple days in the cone, he has gotten used to it and is playing ball with it on (it gives the humans a nice target area to throw the ball to!) and has integrated it into his life:


Cone, no problem, I can still get the ball!


Mike happier now

The humans are having trouble keeping Mike’s beard clean as he gets everything stuck in his cone and his beard from playing ball. He always looks like he has been “on a bender” but it is just a temporary state.

I know about “karma” and about what “goes around, comes around”, so I will continue to not to make fun of him as I do not want to end up in a cone someday! Of course I am not sure about the humans, they might end up in cones as they keep coming up with new nicknames for Mike like “Cone Boy”!


The Situation

I know, I know, I rarely post. I am just so busy managing humans I can barely find time to relax, much less time to post to my blog.

I did want to share a recent situation that I had to deal with…

My female human was sitting around with this – a little plate of apples and almond butter:


I LOVE apples and I LOVE almond butter. Selfishly the female human was eating them in front of me and not sharing.

So I had to implement the SCHNAUZER STARE:


In addition to the stare, I have an intimidation/human management technique where I shift my weight side to side and clear my throat (in case she is not noticing the burning glare of my stare).

It worked and before I knew it I had experienced a taste of both apple and almond butter.

But I wanted more and had to implement the stare again:


I think my female human could have saved herself and me a lot of time if she had just made me my own plate!

Suspicious Schnauzer Quilt Coziness

My adopted brother Mike, who loves quilts, has discovered a new way to get cozy in a handmade quilt made by one of our humans (my female and male human, both who I manage, make quilts for Mike and I to stay cozy in).

Here is a quilt covering my female human as she sat on the sofa (my sofa) and read a book:


But the quilt holds a secret occupant:


My female human was all snuggled in the quilt, engrossed in her book, when she noticed some movement going on in the corner of the quilt at the floor and then a schnauzer sigh of contentment and the movement stopped.

She peeked under the quilt and discovered this:


My crazy brother Mike was snuggled inside. I think he just does stuff like this because my humans think it is so cute and he is trying to get attention. I better keep an eye on him because I do not want him taking over as the lead on managing humans!

I am the only Manager the humans need!


Mike & Pillows

My adopted brother Mike, loves pillows. He is obsessed with pillows. He tries to sleep with the humans on their pillows and can be found lounging in the living room with his head on pillows.

He has a little doggy pillow that my female human actually made my male human as a joke. When her nephew Austin was a baby, her sister-in-law asked if she could make a little pillow and pillow case for Austin. My female human made a CAT themed pillow case because her brother’s family is into cats (ick, what is wrong with these people?!?!).

Well my male human thought the pillow was adorable, so my female human made a   a dog themed one (more acceptable!) for male human.

Then Mike stole the pillow and claimed it for his own!


Rabid Schnau

Oh my goodness, I just discovered my Rabies vaccination expires this week and my humans forgot to set up a vet appointment for me to get revaccinated.

Do they want a “Rabid Schnau”?!?!?!  Do they want me to turn into “Schnaujo” (the miniature schnauzer version of Stephen King’s Cujo)?

They will be sorry that they did not keep up on my vaccinations when I am drooling at the mouth and have them cornered and fearing for their lives!


On the verge of becoming rabid.

This omission was discovered when they received a notice from our county’s dog licensing bureau for my license renewal (I guess I have maintain a license for being exceptional cute) which requested a current copy of my rabies vaccination.

No worries my humans are going to make a vet appointment ASAP for me to get vaccinated this upcoming week.

Good thing, I would hate for you all the read in the news:



Pull Out the Calculator?

I have not posted in a while as I have been busy managing humans. It takes most of my energy these days, between staying on guard against marauding kitties and suspicious delivery drivers.

The other day I was having a little slowness getting from the floor to my vantage spot at the front window and my two humans looked at each other and the female human said: “You know we adopted Sassy from rescue when she was 8.5 years old and we have had her for 5 years, so she is approximately 13.5 now.”

My male human replied: “That would make her like 91 years old”. My female human gasped and said, “well she is doing pretty well for 91 years old”.

I was wondering how my male human came up with this number. I had heard that humans use a factor of 7 people years for every year of a dog’s life. So 13.5 x 7 = 94.5 (I instructed my female human to use a calculator to get this number).

I asked my female human to check if this was accurate and she found an article on the American Kennel Club’s website – How to Calculate Dog Years to Human Years.

And it states:
As a general guideline, though, the American Veterinary Medical Association breaks it down like this:

  • 15 human years equals the first year of a medium-sized dog’s life.
  • Year two for a dog equals about nine years for a human.
  • And after that, each human year would be approximately five years for a dog.

Using the above info my age would be calculated as 15 + 9 + (11.5 x 5) = 81.5 years old in human years!

See I am not that old after all! Silly humans just using 7 years for the estimate, good thing  I insisted they do further research! This is why I can still easily go on my 2 mile walk with my humans each morning.

Let me close this post with a photo of my adopted brother Mike and I keeping watch for the marauding kitties and suspicious delivery drivers infesting the neighborhood:


Feature photo credit: Paige Foster, free


Human Storage?

I am trying to figure out this “airport” thing…

Is it a place where humans store other humans for a couple days and then go pick them up?

Last week drove my female human to this place called the “airport”. My male human of course drove the car as my legs could not reach the accelerator and brake…and honestly, I do not know how to drive nor do I have interest in learning.

We left my female human at this airport place and then in a couple days later we picked her up. We have done this several times and I am not sure why we send my female human to this airport place to obviously stay at for a couple days. Why doesn’t she want to be home with me being properly managed?

What does she do at this airport place after we drop her off? Is she playing with other dogs or even (gasp) some horrid cat?!?!

Roberts Field, Redmond Municipal Airport

Roberts Field, the strange airport place we drop her off for storage

I suspect my male human is just storing her there for a couple days. Humans are so weird!

Shoe Kingdom

My humans found me asleep this way and felt they had to take a photo…


They were sitting on the sofa and had deposited both of their slippers/shoes in the same location, and was able to create a SHOE KINGDOM!

It’s Not All About Me

My female human reminds me that my blog should not just be about me all the time. Occasionally I have to blog about my adopted brother Mike. (If you want to read Mike’s story see Taking Chances: The Mike Chronicles)

In my post Month of “The Herd” I shared that while the miniature schnauzer Greta (a master at human management) stayed with us for a week, Mike became obsessed with her bed and wanted to lie in it all the time. Well for Christmas (yes Mike and I get Christmas presents, we are key family members!) Mike got the same type of bed:


It is his “kitchen orientation spot” and the humans keep it in the kitchen so he can be cozy while they are in there cooking.

Alright that was enough about Mike, here is a photo of me (and Mike) waiting in our “living room orientation spot”. We wait here and “schnauzer-stare” at the humans while they are sitting and watching TV until they let us out the patio door behind us:


We look slightly irritated because we are waiting to go out, not posing for photographs!


Speaking of Christmas, my male human got this awesome T-shirt from my female human’s brother as his holiday gift – I highly approve!


“Snowmageddon” continues but we have biscuits…

The snow has not let up in Central Oregon. Mike has embraced the snow, I have not (so you will see no photos of me enjoying the snow below…)

Photos from “Snowmageddon”

Here is Mike after rolling in the snow:


Here is Mike after diving into a snow bank to retrieve his ball:


Here is the path the humans had to shovel/dig so we would have a place to pee in the morning when we first get up and at night before we go to bed (we go on two walks a day otherwise):



We were running low on our organic store bought dog biscuits, so our humans had to breakdown and make them from scratch (as the roads are not very safe to drive to get to the store).

Here is my male human preparing the biscuits (Schnauzer Snacks):


And here they are – right out of the oven (the house smells so good!):


If you would like the recipe for Schnauzer Snacks it is on the post: HUMANS ARE OKAY (IF THEY PROVIDE TREATS)




Happy Snowy New Year

Happy New Year from Mike and I. We have been hunkering down in snowy Central Oregon.

Our humans insist on taking us on two walks a day, even in this crazy weather! Here is Mike recently on our walk:


Mike in the Winter Wonderland

I won’t stop on the walk long enough to be photographed, I just want to “do my business” and get back to napping in my slippers.


Hoping to spend most of the winter “slipper-sleeping”

These are actually now MY SLIPPERS – my male human got new slippers (see post New Slippers!) and he gave his old slippers to me (I keep them in my “Slipper Kingdom” area of the living room next to the sofa).

I just want to say thank you to everyone who signed up to follow my new blog. I will keep coming up with opinions to share!

Stay warm (unless you already live somewhere warm…and if so, I am seething with envy…)


Schnauzer Snips is Now Live

After 3 years of having a page on my female human’s tierneycreates blogI now have my own real Schnauzer Snips blog! So you will be able to follow me directly and not be required to follow my female human just so you can stay up to day with my adventures!  (I am sure many of you are just following her blog out of courtesy so you can really read what I am up to!)

My female human, who has better computer skills than I do, spent the past couple of weeks transferring 3 years of content (I did not realize I had shared so many of my musings!)

I did provide her with moral support while she transferred all those posts. Moral support is exhausting and so it is time to pass out in my male human’s slipper again.



Happy Schnolidays 2016!

Eight or so years ago, my humans started saying “Happy Schnolidays” instead of “Happy Holidays” related to their obsession with schnauzers.

They also started an annual humiliation, I mean photo session of their miniature schnauzers dressed up against their will (in allegedly “festive” attire).

Here is our Holiday 2016 photo with silly “festive collars”:


Humiliation aside, Mike and I do want to wish you:


Trying to Stay Warm and Cozy

It has been very cold and snowy in Central Oregon. I do not particularly like snow, I find it inconvenient but I guess it is a fact of life where we live. Thought I would share some photos my female human took of me (and my adopted brother Mike) trying to stay warm and cozy:

In the female human’s sewing room area:


In the living room


New Slippers!

If you have been following my blog for a while then you know I have a thing for my male human’s slippers. Well – he got new slippers last weekend!

He left his old slippers by the corner of the sofa where I like to hang out, so I could continue to nest in them.

But, to his surprise – I found I like his new slippers just as much (although he has not fully scented them as much as the old ones) and he found me nesting in his new slippers!


We are Very Thankful!

My adopted brother Mike and I are having a great Thanksgiving today as our humans are where we like them – relaxing around the house, where we can keep track of them.

My humans were non traditional and had homemade Chicken Pot Pie for their Thanksgiving dinner (but with some cranberry sauce on the side). With our dinner, they included a little chicken and vegetables on top of our kibble.

Since it’s Thanksgiving, Mike and I thought we would share what we are thankful for (besides that we have two humans “under our paws”):

MIKE: His afghan that a very nice human picked up at a thrift shop – he loves a nap on it:


ME: My male human’s slippers – they are so cozy to nap in and I have my “Slipper Kingdom” at the edge of the sofa:

2016-11-24_12-48-15_348.jpgHope you and your humans had a good Thanksgiving!

It’s Still “All About the Ball”

I have posted about this before: how obsessed my adopted brother Mike is about his ball. If he had his way, he would play catch 24 hours a day, with a little break time for sleeping, bathroom break, and eating. He is ball-obsessed.

When my humans adopted him, he was “ball obsessed” but he only got to play ball outside, at his foster Mom’s house. When we first adopted him, we kept it to only outside ball.

Then my humans lost all sense of boundaries and let him have both “outside ball” and “inside ball”. Two years later, he has a collection of indestructible balls for the outside and the inside. There are at least 2 -3 of his ball rolling around the house at all times. They let him play ball inside, throwing the ball down the hallway for him. He has perfected catching the ball.


Mike has never been good at retrieving the ball (as in returning it to the humans). However of the past 6 months, he has perfected “throwing the ball TO the humans” so that they will play with him. His aim has gotten really good.

In addition to somehow flinging the ball with his mouth directly to the humans, I have also seem him do things such as leave the ball in their shoes, and roll it with his nose to them if they are seated on the floor.

When my female human is doing those weird movements on my yoga mat (see previous post), he likes to fling or roll the ball directly to her to bounce back to him. Endlessly. I think it has become part of her “yoga mat practice”.

Then something very funny happened today – my female human was in the room where they go to “do their business” (why can’t they just go outside like us…of course I am not picking up after them…) and she thought she had closed the door…

Well Mike busted in to throw the ball at her!

Yoga Mat Sharing

I used to enjoy have my yoga mat all to myself (my female human thinks it is hermat, just because she does some weird movements on it once a day). When my adopted brother Mike moved in, he took a liking to the mat also. Initially I was not happy about this.

We now negotiated a truce, and we now share the mat. I hope that pesky female human does not think she can also start considering this her mat too!



Now, don’t go reporting my humans to the ASPCA, no schnauzers were fed “special beverages” during the photo shoot below…

One weekend with “The Herd” in October, my humans thought it would be hysterical to photograph German dogs (Schnauzers) in an Octoberfest (or “Oktoberfest” in German) themed photo shoot. They wanted to call it “Schoctoberfest” (silly humans).

My humans happened to have a bottle of our local microbrewer “special beverages” and poured sample glasses as props for the photos (and again, no schnauzers were given any of these beverages!).


Me (Sassy) along with Freida, Mike and Chopper, pretending to celebrate “Schnoctoberfest”

My humans were laughing quite hard during the photo shoot and we got plenty of biscuits out of the them in order to get us to all be still at the same time.

Month of “The Herd”

First I would like to apologize for the terrible photography on the part of my female human. She insists on taking photos with her archaic smartphone (she keeps refusing to upgrade even though the technology has improved x 10) and there is nothing I can do about it as I have yet to learn how to take photos and of course selfies. 

October has been quite the month – a month of the ENDLESS HERD! (Or the “Schnerd” as my humans like to say)

parade of schnauzers has run through our house for the past couple of weeks. Our humans are helping out friends who are out of town on an extended trip who watch other human’s dogs (or “managers” if you want to use the correct term for canines who have successful domesticated their humans). Our humans agreed to cover “Schnauzer-sitting” during October for their friends.

So we ended up having 3 different sets of schnauzers staying with us this month.


First there was Ollie, who is an older miniature schnauzer, with some bladder control issues (our humans kept coming across his puddles in the house). He also appears to be deaf (or just choosing to ignore out humans). But our humans found him terribly sweet and very adorable. He also loved to cuddle.


Then there was Greta, who stayed with us nearly a week. She is an older girl like me (she is 12?) and she is also a Professional Human Manager. I was amazed at her skills and picked up some new ideas and tricks to keep humans in line.

She came with a bed that Mike took over and loved to curl up in. He also liked to spend time with her on the pillow in the living room. Not sure if it was an “older woman” thing or he had no other option but to share the pillow.

Freida & Chopper

The month of the herd concluded with another stay by Freida and Chopper. They previously stayed with us in September (see my 09/14/2016 – THE HERD post below). Mike was happy to be reunited with his ball playing friends Freida and Chopper (I do not play ball, that is too “dog-like” for me). Chopper is very smart and would “throw” (well fling) the ball for the other schnauzers to retrieve.

Also Chopper loves Mike and attached himself to him again, going wherever Mike goes and wanting to cuddle with him. Mike seemed to accept Chopper as his attachment.  Freida is a Standard Schnauzer, and unlike Greta and myself, did not seem as adept at managing humans. Maybe it is a miniature schnauzer thing – because we are smaller we more easily take control of the human’s minds and actions!


I was so exhausted after weeks of “The Herd” all I could do is pass out in my slippers!