Welcome to Schnauzer Snips!

dscn2434Hello. My name is Sassy, a highly opinionated miniature schnauzer. I was an ongoing guest blogger on the tierneycreates blog but I now have my very own blog!

(I like that my humans are quilters and crafters and my home is filled with handmade quilts and afghans as these are my natural habitats.)

dscn1156I am a rescue dog from Miniature Schnauzer Rescue, Inc. (www.msrnorthwest.org). My original human that I managed since I was a puppy, unfortunately passed away when I was 8 years old.  My new humans that adopted me (and I agreed to take on managing) were willing to bring an “older dog” into their lives!


Lucky for you, I will share my insights and observations from a 16″ tall fur-person point of view. My musings can be found on My Snips (blog) page. Bonus content/stories are found on my Special Snips section.

I like to focus my musings on six main areas:

As typing is difficult for my paws (and having no opposable thumbs), I will dictate my musings to my female human, Tierney of tierneycreates, to type them.

Before you read my musings, please answer my short poll as to whether the world would be better run by dogs:

Well…what are you still doing on the “Welcome Page”? It is time to read my blog – MY SNIPS


I am Sassy, and I am highly opinionated.


11 thoughts on “Welcome to Schnauzer Snips!

  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    You are doing a great job of managing your human! I am also a Miniature Schnauzer and have directed my human to reply to your post. I have a crazy adopted sister who is a Bearded Collie named Norma and quite frankly, I am tired of being herded around like a sheep! She does share her food with me, so I can tolerate her herding me around but I run away from her sometimes because she is so young and energetic. Happy New Year to you and your brother!
    Sadie Sue

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