Sassy the Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer

This is the last post for the Schnauzer Snips blog. Due to a sudden medical crisis, Sassy the Highly Opinionated Schnauzer is no longer with us, she has crossed the “Rainbow Bridge”.

Thank you to her readers and followers of her Schnauzer Snips blog. She will of course be greatly missed and us, her humans, must now manage ourselves or hope her adopted brother Mike learned enough from her to take over managing us.

Sharing a couple recent photos – we were taking annual Happy Schnolidays photos a couple days ago before her sudden illness.

Sassy and her adopted brother Mike looking festive:


Sassy in a solo photo holiday photo shoot:


The humans (aka Tierney of tierneycreates and Terry the Quilting Husband) wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and thanks again for reading Sassy’s adventures and musings over the years.

-Tierney & Terry



Sofa Face!

My adopted brother Mike loves napping on the sofa behind my male human’s knees. He goes into a really deep sleep (like completely passed out). Usually before he falls asleep behind the human-knees he nuzzles the pillows on the sofa to get the perfect cozy position.

Well yesterday my male human got off the sofa but Mike was so deep asleep he did not notice. When my male human went to get me a biscuit for my afternoon medication (the seizure disorder thing I got going on), Mike heard the sound of the biscuit container opening and suddenly popped up – looking dazed and confused with – SOFA FACE!


How embarrassing! I am so glad my female human captured the photos above so the world can see what I had to look at. My humans did adjust his beard for him after the photo.

Illuminated Schnauzers

My humans think they are cute – they bought us lighted additions to our collars and now we are forced to be “illuminated schnauzers”.


Can you tell from the above photo that I am not very pleased with my new luminescence?

The humans explained to us that now it is late Fall in Central Oregon and is dark early, we will all be safer on our evening walk if we have illumination. This was their excuse to run out and buy these lights.


Well – wouldn’t a better idea = the humans wearing lights on their necks?

They are taller than us and the lights would be easier to spot from a high vantage point!


Keppra Side Effects – Cuddliness?

A couple of months ago I went on Keppra (Levetiracetam) for my newly developed seizure disorder. Well one of the side effects appears to be this weird “cuddliness” I have developed with my adopted brother Mike.

Before going on Keppra, for the past 4 years Mike has been with us, I have prided myself on being aloof to Mike. He knew I tolerated him as the family pet but that was about it.

Now I continue finding myself snuggling with him. What has happened to me! (Just say ‘No’ to drugs! Well unless you must take them for medical reasons…)


I just got groomed today so hopefully next time I post I will not look so shaggy (and hopefully not so “under the influence”!)

– Sassy

Schnauzers on a Swing

Last Friday, October 27th, our humans took us in the early evening to Sisters, Oregon as they wanted to see the opening of a show my female human is in (see the post Twigs Gallery Show – Pathways).

We wandered around downtown Sisters, and stopped at the fly fishing shop in Sisters my male human likes. We did not go into the fly fishing shop with him as sometimes they have a dog in there and my adopted brother Mike would get all “growly” and cause trouble. So we waited outside with our female human.

While waiting, she thought it would be cute to do a photoshoot on the swing outside the shop. I however did not think it was cute. Actually I was quite annoyed and I nearly slipped through one of the slat on the swing!


See the red arrow – that’s the slat I started slipping through


Endured a couple photos


Enough already! Checking to see if my male human is done with shopping

Schnauzers are not toys to be posed for photographs!

The things I must endure living with (and managing) humans!

Plans for Miniature Schnauzer World Domination (repost from 11/11/13)

This was originally posted 11/11/2013 on

Did the title of this week’s post make all you human nervous? It should. However it seems like many of you support the plans I will discuss in a moment.

14 of you have responded so far to the poll: Should dogs rule the world?  7 of you agree that the world would better run by dogs; 1 of you does not agree; and 6 of you are unable to make up your mind, which means I can easily sway you to our cause. Miniature schnauzers have an uncanny ability to sway humans to their wishes. (Note:  this poll is now located on the Home page of this blog if you would like to take it)

Making Plans/Plotting our Strategy

This is why my miniature schnauzers friends and I are moving forward with our plans for world domination. In the photo below, I am leading a meeting with my (adopted) brother Snickers, and our friend Jose to map our strategy. My brother and I already have control over the humans we live with and I think we can get a message through the miniature schnauzer network to get their humans under the same control. Eventually we can spread our plan to the entire “domesticated” canine community. As a last resort we might even consider recruiting some cats (ick) to help us. Cats appear to really have humans under their paws.


One of our humans caught us in the process of planning and photographed it! We need privacy!

Our Simple Demands

You humans can slow the progress towards canine domination if you meet a few of our simple demands:

  1. Enough with the leashes, we want to walk where we want to walk, when we want to walk there, and sniff wherever we please
  2. When we need to be petted or scratched, you will need to do so until your hand goes numb and only then may you stop (maybe)
  3. Dog food? We don’t care about organic dog food and all that crap. We want what YOU are eating. So if you are having a nice meatloaf and mashed potatoes dinner as your meal, then that is the same meal that should also be in our bowl
  4. If you do not make quilts or afghans then you learn immediately how to make them  or find a connection to get many of them as possible for your house. Quilts and afghans are the natural habitat of miniature schnauzers, we cannot properly relax without these basic life necessities

I end my post for this week with these above demands, do not consider them too lightly, Sassy


It’s My Blog Anniversary Too

I see my female human wrote on her tierneycreates blog about her 4 year Blog Anniversary. Well it is my Schnauzer Snips Blog Anniversary too, it isn’t just about her and her silly blog.

I have not written in a while as I was busy protecting my humans from UPS and Fed-Ex drivers, marauding kitties, and eating too much of their own food (I like my humans nice and trim so I constantly offer to help remove food from their plates). Also I have encouraged my humans to give me plenty of good tummy rubs, and here I am immensely enjoying tummy-rub perfection:


Finally I am nearly 14 years old and I am not up to writing as much as I used to be. Still there is no reason not to celebrate MY blog anniversary!

Schnauzer Snips: Musings from a Highly Opinionated Miniature Schnauzer began 4 years ago in October 2013 and started as a page on my female humans tierneycreates blog, as she was too lazy to make me my own blog. A couple years later she finally made me my own blog and moved all the content.

I think she just had my blog attached to hers so she would get more readers. Sad, huh?

Well in celebration of MY Blog Anniversary, here is a reposting of my very first Schnauzer Snips post on October 28, 2013.

Life with my Arch-Nemesis: Black Kitty (October 2013)

I want to talk about my arch-nemesis, the very bane of my existence: Black Kitty.

Black Kitty is an apparently feral cat that roams my front yard from dawn till dusk.  My human family has set up the “Natural Selection Convention” in our front yard: we have numerous bird feeders luring innocent birds for a snack; and numerous neighborhood  cats who come to “visit” with the birds while they attempt to eat. Black Kitty, who thinks he is very stealth, hides under the foliage in the front yard waiting for an unsuspecting bird to peck by. I have found feathers in our yard from his clueless victims. Even worse than the “Natural Selection Convention” is the “Bird Head Injury Window”. Our front window has wooden blinds and to me (who likes to poke the individual slats out of place) it seems very clear that the window is a stopping point for anyone going forward. Alas, many birds appear to not realize you cannot keep flying through a window, and they hit it at full speed –  POW – they drop to the porch, dazed. Black Kitty keeps an eye on the porch all day watching for birdie head injury victims, which he runs over and scoops up.

I watch Black Kitty and his shenanigans all day long out the front window, it is my primary job in my family (though my humans get annoyed when they have to continually clear my paw prints off the window). All day long he stares at me and mocks me whenever he gets the chance.

This week, Black Kitty made a bold move. Usually when my human takes my brother and me for a walk, Black Kitty relocates away from our front porch area to a safer location (could it be my vicious growling that makes him move??!?!?) Black Kitty however did not move when I went to walk by this week – he boldly stood there, daring me to bite off his nose as I came within inches of his hideous face. I decided not to maul him since my human was with me and I suspected his claws are sharper than mine. Now I must struggle with the terrible realization that I have failed to strike fear and sheer terror into the heart of Black Kitty.  He may no longer take seriously my continual body slamming against the window when he nears, oh no!

Here is a photo of me waiting for my human to take me on a walk, as I watch Black Kitty carefully from the screen door.