Life in Black and White

Recently my human discovered the B&W photo setting on the camera in her phone. My new brother Mike and I had to endure posing for a series of photos in B&W. We are both shades of gray so I am not sure what the excitement is to see us in monotones but if it keeps my human giving me biscuits then I am up for it. You will see we both need haircuts but I am hoping our humans do not notice or lose the groomer’s phone number.


Mike is settling in and has calmed down a little bit. He still has an issue with leash aggression when he sees other dogs walk by on our twice daily walking of our humans. I tell him to just chill and that those other dogs in the neighborhood are not going to bother us but he keeps thinking he has to protect us from being mauled by a toy poodle or something.

Do you see the stuffed dog in the photo above? Mike is obsessed with two things 1) his ball – he wants to play ball day and night; and 2) stuffed dog toys that squeak – he constantly walks around the house squeaking his toys (they used to be my stuffed dog toys but since he is obsessed with them I let him have them).  I realize he is only 3 years old and I try to be patient – I mean I am older and much wiser. Once he calms down a little (and learns to be nicer to the friends of our humans that stop by to visit), I will start to train him in how to properly manage humans.

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