Illuminated Schnauzers

My humans think they are cute – they bought us lighted additions to our collars and now we are forced to be “illuminated schnauzers”.


Can you tell from the above photo that I am not very pleased with my new luminescence?

The humans explained to us that now it is late Fall in Central Oregon and is dark early, we will all be safer on our evening walk if we have illumination. This was their excuse to run out and buy these lights.


Well – wouldn’t a better idea = the humans wearing lights on their necks?

They are taller than us and the lights would be easier to spot from a high vantage point!


8 thoughts on “Illuminated Schnauzers

  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    Dear Sassy and Mike,
    I just gasped (well…snorted) when I hear of your plight! This is a real cause for Schnauzer rebellion and after consulting with Norma, we have a plan for you! When your humans leave the crate, find these horrible things and chew them up! I had to endure the humiliation of a sweater (a pink one at that…gross!) and Norma said she would chew it off me if it rears its ugly head again this winter. She is not such an annoying Beardie after all. BUT back to you and Mike, let me know how things go with the plan…I’ll be thinking of you!
    Schnauzer hugs,
    Sadie Sue

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    • tierneycreates says:

      Oh my goodness a sweater that sounds pretty humiliating and the worse my humans have tried to do to me is a silly sweatshirt! Iā€™m glad Norma is on your side to protect you against inappropriate doggy fashion!


    • tierneycreates says:

      Hi Tina, this is Sassy – well as they have the word “terriers” in their name and schnauzers are also terriers, I am going to have to say they would not like it! If you need illumination at night, then you should consider wearing it yourself, not your terriers. (PS – my human says to tell you that the lights work great and they humans love them, but please do not listen to my crazy humans!)


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