It’s Still “All About the Ball”

I have posted about this before: how obsessed my adopted brother Mike is about his ball. If he had his way, he would play catch 24 hours a day, with a little break time for sleeping, bathroom break, and eating. He is ball-obsessed.

When my humans adopted him, he was “ball obsessed” but he only got to play ball outside, at his foster Mom’s house. When we first adopted him, we kept it to only outside ball.

Then my humans lost all sense of boundaries and let him have both “outside ball” and “inside ball”. Two years later, he has a collection of indestructible balls for the outside and the inside. There are at least 2 -3 of his ball rolling around the house at all times. They let him play ball inside, throwing the ball down the hallway for him. He has perfected catching the ball.


Mike has never been good at retrieving the ball (as in returning it to the humans). However of the past 6 months, he has perfected “throwing the ball TO the humans” so that they will play with him. His aim has gotten really good.

In addition to somehow flinging the ball with his mouth directly to the humans, I have also seem him do things such as leave the ball in their shoes, and roll it with his nose to them if they are seated on the floor.

When my female human is doing those weird movements on my yoga mat (see previous post), he likes to fling or roll the ball directly to her to bounce back to him. Endlessly. I think it has become part of her “yoga mat practice”.

Then something very funny happened today – my female human was in the room where they go to “do their business” (why can’t they just go outside like us…of course I am not picking up after them…) and she thought she had closed the door…

Well Mike busted in to throw the ball at her!

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