Mike and Quilts

We were kind of nervous when we first got Mike last fall. My female human has a lot of her handmade quilts (see her blog – tierneycreates) around the house (and some of them serve as my natural nesting environments) and we were warned that Mike tends to chew on things (like quilts) by his Foster Mom with Miniature Schnauzer Rescue.

Within our first couple of month of adopting Mike, he did chew on the binding of my female human’s cozy flannel quilt! She was upset but forgiving and replaced that part of the binding. I was not so forgiving and glared at him for his unacceptable behavior – quilts are for napping NOT chewing!



Making a Cozy Bed Anywhere

You can check out my human’s (tierneycreates.com) related post What’s on the Design Wall: Flannel Shirt Log Jamming.

If you have been following my blog then you know how much I love napping. Sometimes I am sleepy and ready for a nap but no bed, sofa or pillow is readily available. So I get creative and make my own bed out what is available.

Well both of my humans were in the studio discussing some log jamming project (my female human is slightly obsessed with sewing thing) and had left a pile of shirt flannels they had sorted on the floor. Unfortunately it was not a quilt yet, but it was FLANNEL and flannel is prime napping material.

I was able to curl my body into the flannels so it did not touch the actual hard floor. I am the NAPPING MASTER!!!