Everyone Needs a “Bathroom Buddy”

My humans (my employees, followers, service people, whatever you would like to call them) have a new nickname for me: Their Bathroom Buddy.

I don’t want my humans to be unsupervised when they are in certain rooms in the house, so I join them…even when they are in the bathroom.

I always supervise my male human when he is shaving in the morning (what if he accidentally cuts up his face while shaving without my supervision!?!?!?).

My female human took a photo of me while l was engaged in human-bathroom-supervision.You can see by the expression on my face I am not pleased with being disturbed with a photo, but I agreed I would post this on my blog.


I hope the rest of you humans have adequate supervision in your lives!


A Good Roll

I may be 12 years old but I am in pretty good shape and I go on 2 long walks each day.

I am still trying to figure out why my humans are collecting my poops in little bags during the walks. I am not sure what they are doing with them and hope one I day I do not find a “schnauzer-poo” sculpture in the backyard or something…

One of my favorite part of the walks is the “roll” I get at the end of my walk, in the park we pass by before returning home.

I love rolling on the grass. My human suspects, as I carefully select where I take my “roll”, that I am rolling in the scent of where another dog marked on the grass or something suspicious like that.

I will never tell, it is my secret why I roll where I roll!


Grass rolling happiness!

I Think the “End of Days” is Finally Over

Mike and I are exhausted, yesterday (July 4th) seemed to be the “End of Days”. There were terrifying sounds coming from outside the house all weekend with the loudest and scariest sounds on the evening of 07/04.


I spent a lot of the weekend and Monday 07/04 hiding anywhere I could find to hide. My humans only left us alone for 2 hours to go to some party on 07/04 but then they spent the rest of 07/04 “bunkering” in with us (we watched loud movies and all snuggled on the sofa together – I figured if the world was ending we were all going to be together).

The world did not end, we are still here (though by the way I was vibrating in terror the evening of 07/04 you would think there was no tomorrow). I guess next summer we have to face the same terror again.

At least we get another year of sanity until the craziness starts again…