It is Cold Here!

It is really cold and I want to stay in bed

It is interesting how it seems like I am hiding from the fireworks of the Fourth of July, then I am dealing with the constant door bell ringing of Trick-R-Treaters and then it is like WINTER.  Where does the time to? Okay it is not actually winter yet but it is cold, quite cold. I just want to nap all the time (even more than usual) and I struggle to understand why the Humans even want to get out of bed in the morning. Bed remains the most magical cozy place ever created.

If I were a human I would just stay in bed when it is cold (as much as possible).

I know, they need to work to earn money to keep me in the style I am accustomed, so getting out of bed has to be their reality. I notice though the walks are brisker (my adopted brother Mike and I do get two walks a day even when it is very cold) as the Humans are trying to get back to the nice warm house!

Look how cold it is – Mike has a hat on!


The don’t always keep the heat on HIGH!

At times it seems like the humans have lost their minds. It’s Fall and it is cold and they won’t keep the heat on high all time (they mention something about “conserving energy”). Just because I have a fur coat does not mean I do not want to be extra warm and snuggling, especially when I am napping, which is most of the time.

I have had to resort to snuggling constantly in warm quilts. I like when my humans wrap me up all cozy like this (it will do for now until they come to their sense and turn on the heat full time:


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