Riding Around

I cannot believe nearly 2 months has passed since my last post. I blame my humans – they have kept me very busy managing them (taking away from my time for blogging). When I am not managing them, then I am of course napping. Perhaps if I cut down on my napping I can find more time for my blog. Maybe.

My humans and I have been on a lot of road trips lately by car and by bike. At the end of this post is a photo of one of my bike trips with my humans – they bike me around in my backpack. Biking around in my backpack is nearly as good as riding around in a car with my head out the window (with those ridiculous safety guards in place blocking my full enjoyment of “getting air” – see my previous post). For some reason, my humans cannot pedal their bike as fast as they drive their car (perhaps they should work out more) and so I do not get as intense “air” as I do out the car window.


As far as road trips in the car, we did in July go to Portland to see a potential new rescued miniature schnauzer brother for me. He had been surrendered by his family due to behavior issues. His human foster mom  who was keeping him until he was adopted was really nice, but unfortunately he and I did not get along. Nor did he get along with my humans. So sadly we had to leave him in his foster home and we hope a very special person/family adopts him. I was pretty happy he did not come home with us but my humans were kind of sad.  They have been playing with the idea of maybe getting a miniature schnauzer or even a STANDARD schnauzer puppy. They are keeping their hearts and minds open to the possibility though of another rescued mini schnauzer (I mean they hit the lottery when they rescued me but maybe there is another semi decent dog needing a home out there…).

In the meantime I will keep faithfully managing them and letting them bike and ride me around.

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