Not on my List of Skills or Interests!

Happy New Year to all Humans and their furry companions (managers)!

My brother Mike, who as you know, is obsessed with his dog ball toys. At first the balls were only for outside playing but the Humans caved in and started letting him keep several balls in the house!

He loves to have them thrown to him (or rolled to him in the house). He will not retrieve them (bring them back to the Humans) but he will “throw” them – more like fling them – in the Humans’ direction so they will throw/roll them again to him.

The other day the Humans were busy and would not play ball with Mike in the house. Since they Humans would not play with him, he looked to the other living being in the house, Me, to play with him.

Mike began flinging his ball to me so I would throw or roll it to him. Mike does not seem to understand that 1) I do not have anatomical structure to pick up a ball with my paw and throw it to him (though I could use my nose to roll it to him); and 2) I am not into playing ball.

Not on my list of skills or interests!


The Humans of course thought it was hysterical when they saw what was going on and took a photo.

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