Food Scrap Liberation

My female human keeps posting on her tierneycreates blog about her “fruit liberation” activities related to neglect fruit trees around the neighborhood in posts such as The Fruits of My Neighborhood, Part III. I am focused, however, on “food scraps liberation” – helping neglected food scraps find a home (in my belly).


Technically you could say the above photo is of me being “busted” for unauthorized licking  and nibbling on an abandoned and neglected plate.

I disagree – I am trying to do my part to let no food scrap go unloved!



The Humans are making fun of me! They say I look “super-charged“!

I like to get a good face rub against the sofa and I guess it charges up my face with static electricity.

Of course they had to photographic it between their giggles. As I have said before: “Humans are so silly!”