Shopping with Schnau

We convinced the humans to take us shopping this weekend.

The home improvement store was not particularly exciting (the humans were looking a new screen doors) but it was better than waiting in the car.


I am sure for the humans their shopping experience was greatly enhanced by having “schnau” in their shopping cart!

7 thoughts on “Shopping with Schnau

  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    Dear Sassy and Mike,
    You are managing your humans quite nicely! I think the cuteness factor was turned up more than a notch and for that reason alone, you should have received many treats for riding around in the shopping cart. I’ll bet you got to smell lots of different things at Home Depot…they do have human treats at the check out counter, well, at least I think they do!
    Sadie Sue

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    • tierneycreates says:

      Sadie Sue – it was sort of boring in there except it was better than being in the car. We did however get some special treats when we got back to the car (we have trained our humans to keep dog cookies in the glove compartment) and we got the SUPER MAJOR AWESOME treat of sharing a small vanilla cone with our female human on the way home (even though her mouth is not as clean as ours..ewwww human germs!)


  2. Gray Barn Designs says:

    We must be brave with our humans and their germs. I personally like to lick their feet as feet germs are much more sanitary than mouth germs! I am licking ice cubes right now because it is 90 degrees in Ohio and I do have this fur coat to manage in addition to managing my humans (and Norma of course!)

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