Happy Schnolidays 2016!

Eight or so years ago, my humans started saying “Happy Schnolidays” instead of “Happy Holidays” related to their obsession with schnauzers.

They also started an annual humiliation, I mean photo session of their miniature schnauzers dressed up against their will (in allegedly “festive” attire).

Here is our Holiday 2016 photo with silly “festive collars”:


Humiliation aside, Mike and I do want to wish you:



Trying to Stay Warm and Cozy

It has been very cold and snowy in Central Oregon. I do not particularly like snow, I find it inconvenient but I guess it is a fact of life where we live. Thought I would share some photos my female human took of me (and my adopted brother Mike) trying to stay warm and cozy:

In the female human’s sewing room area:


In the living room


New Slippers!

If you have been following my blog for a while then you know I have a thing for my male human’s slippers. Well – he got new slippers last weekend!

He left his old slippers by the corner of the sofa where I like to hang out, so I could continue to nest in them.

But, to his surprise – I found I like his new slippers just as much (although he has not fully scented them as much as the old ones) and he found me nesting in his new slippers!