Rabid Schnau

Oh my goodness, I just discovered my Rabies vaccination expires this week and my humans forgot to set up a vet appointment for me to get revaccinated.

Do they want a “Rabid Schnau”?!?!?!  Do they want me to turn into “Schnaujo” (the miniature schnauzer version of Stephen King’s Cujo)?

They will be sorry that they did not keep up on my vaccinations when I am drooling at the mouth and have them cornered and fearing for their lives!


On the verge of becoming rabid.

This omission was discovered when they received a notice from our county’s dog licensing bureau for my license renewal (I guess I have maintain a license for being exceptional cute) which requested a current copy of my rabies vaccination.

No worries my humans are going to make a vet appointment ASAP for me to get vaccinated this upcoming week.

Good thing, I would hate for you all the read in the news:



5 thoughts on “Rabid Schnau

  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    Dear Sassy,
    This is Sadie Sue, my humans went away to one of those “Human Kennels” and I haven’t had a chance to respond until just now. I am glad your humans stepped up to make sure you do not become rabid! Did you also get one of those dis-temper shots? I had to get one even though I don’t have a temper…well I did have a bit of a temper tantrum the last time I was groomed so maybe the shot didn’t work but honestly, it wasn’t my fault I tried to bite the groomer! I didn’t want to suffer the indignation of having my legs shaved…Mini-Schnauzers do have opinions on these things and the groomer was not listening to my advice! Needless to say, I did not get my legs shaved! I hope you and Mike are doing well now that order has been restored to your lives!

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    • tierneycreates says:

      Sadie this is awesome and you need your own blog! You are highly opinionated like me and I like it! Yes those Human Kennels, I am not sure why they electively go to them. My humans think I need my legs trimmed down too but my groomer is a very intimidating human with a giant cat with no fear of dogs that wanders around her grooming studio. I am afraid she would turn her giant cat on me if I did anything as brave as you did! You are my hero! – Sassy


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