The Situation

I know, I know, I rarely post. I am just so busy managing humans I can barely find time to relax, much less time to post to my blog.

I did want to share a recent situation that I had to deal with…

My female human was sitting around with this – a little plate of apples and almond butter:


I LOVE apples and I LOVE almond butter. Selfishly the female human was eating them in front of me and not sharing.

So I had to implement the SCHNAUZER STARE:


In addition to the stare, I have an intimidation/human management technique where I shift my weight side to side and clear my throat (in case she is not noticing the burning glare of my stare).

It worked and before I knew it I had experienced a taste of both apple and almond butter.

But I wanted more and had to implement the stare again:


I think my female human could have saved herself and me a lot of time if she had just made me my own plate!

9 thoughts on “The Situation

  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    You are doing a good job of managing your humans. I find “THE STARE” to be most useful whenever I smell food (which is really most of the time!). My human has never tried apples with almond butter and so I may get to try some as soon as she goes to some place called “THE STORE”. More to follow on this…..

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    • tierneycreates says:

      Dear Sadie Sue, my female human for some reason is laughing hysterically at your message as she reads it to me. I am not sure why as this is serious stuff we are discussing! Thanks for your support and I know of this place called “THE STORE”. I wish I was allowed to go in (I could only wait outside with my male human when we were on a bike ride) and select whatever I want like the humans do!


  2. JustaGirl&HerSchnauzer says:

    Aw haha, I know that stare very well, Nuka gives it to me frequently! Maybe it’s a schnauzer thing. Sassy is so adorable! It’s awesome that she likes apples, Nuka just puts the apple slice in her mouth and then spits it out

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