This weekend, we were all hanging out in the front window area (Mike, myself and our humans) in our cozy chairs. Mike and I were staring at our humans as they ate breakfast. I knew were on the verge of getting some of their food as they weakened under our piercing stares.

Then, some other human had the nerve to park his car in front of our house and walk towards to door! Mike and I went ballistic. How dare this random human walk towards our house (while we are actively managing our humans).

Well, our  humans appeared to recognize this suspicious human and my female human got up to greet this interloper and my male human first moved Mike away from the window and then PUT HIS NAPKIN OVER MY FACE to silence me!


I sat there is shock over the humiliation. They had SILENCED ME! My female human had her smartphone camera on hand and took at photo. I am sharing this with you all so you can know what I must endure at the hands of my humans!

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