I am not sure if I approve of this being shared on my Schnauzer Snips blog page, but my humans think it is so cute (remember they think everything I do is “so cute”) so I agreed to share this photo.


If you check out my posts 02/28/2016 SHOES! and 01/22/2016 SLIPPERS you will see that I began an obsession with my human’s shoes a couple months ago. It has grown a bit more intense as I find myself most relaxed when I am asleep with my face inside their shoes.

It’s  a “dog thing” and I cannot share the private details of why their shoe scents make me so happy. My favorite shoes are my male human’s slippers. My female human finds this disgusting as she is not sure if my male human’s slippers have ever been laundered (and he has had them for many years).

I guess humans do not understand the simple joys in life!

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