Tummy Time

My female human is so busy all the time. Occasionally I have to encourage her to slow down and spend some “Tummy Time” with me.

Yes it is all about me, but I am sure it helps her refocus. Lay on my back and side and encourage her to scratch my belly and a wriggle my legs in delight. It makes my female human smile and laugh.

Below are some action photos. Keep in mind my female human is laughing and scratching my belly while taking photos!


Yes, I provide a public service to humans.


Speaking of humans, I wanted to share a photo of a T-shirt my male human likes to wear, that I highly approve of:


No worries, even though he is an “obedience school drop-out” he is still well managed by me!

7 thoughts on “Tummy Time

  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    Dear Sassy and Mike,
    I think Tummy Time is very important as our humans are always so busy and it is our job to help them smile and laugh. My mom says something about lowering her blood pressure but I am not sure what that means. Also, that shirt is dy-no-mite! I didn’t go to obedience school but Norma the annoying Beardie is going because my human says 50 lbs is much more difficult to manage than 15 lbs!
    Sadie Sue

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