Schnauzer Snips is Now Live

After 3 years of having a page on my female human’s tierneycreates blogI now have my own real Schnauzer Snips blog! So you will be able to follow me directly and not be required to follow my female human just so you can stay up to day with my adventures!  (I am sure many of you are just following her blog out of courtesy so you can really read what I am up to!)

My female human, who has better computer skills than I do, spent the past couple of weeks transferring 3 years of content (I did not realize I had shared so many of my musings!)

I did provide her with moral support while she transferred all those posts. Moral support is exhausting and so it is time to pass out in my male human’s slipper again.



2 thoughts on “Schnauzer Snips is Now Live

  1. marthaginn says:

    What beautiful Schnauzer–of course, Sassy is the MOST beautiful, but I enjoy seeing you and the friends when you temporarily adopt some others. It is very generous of you to share your food, beds, houseshoes, and other toys with strangers. I told my cats about this phenomenon and they couldn’t believe resident dogs would so willingly share with interlopers. The cats can give you Schnauzers some tips on letting the humans know this simply is not acceptable behavior. Even tiny kittens frighten the bejeebers out of grown cats and certain rooms become off-limits, causing unpleasant consequences. Just FYI.
    Signed, Martha
    (human managed by Tarbaby, Elizabeth, and Rah-Rah)

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