Shoe Kingdom

My humans found me asleep this way and felt they had to take a photo…


They were sitting on the sofa and had deposited both of their slippers/shoes in the same location, and was able to create a SHOE KINGDOM!


Happy Snowy New Year

Happy New Year from Mike and I. We have been hunkering down in snowy Central Oregon.

Our humans insist on taking us on two walks a day, even in this crazy weather! Here is Mike recently on our walk:


Mike in the Winter Wonderland

I won’t stop on the walk long enough to be photographed, I just want to “do my business” and get back to napping in my slippers.


Hoping to spend most of the winter “slipper-sleeping”

These are actually now MY SLIPPERS – my male human got new slippers (see post New Slippers!) and he gave his old slippers to me (I keep them in my “Slipper Kingdom” area of the living room next to the sofa).

I just want to say thank you to everyone who signed up to follow my new blog. I will keep coming up with opinions to share!

Stay warm (unless you already live somewhere warm…and if so, I am seething with envy…)


Trying to Stay Warm and Cozy

It has been very cold and snowy in Central Oregon. I do not particularly like snow, I find it inconvenient but I guess it is a fact of life where we live. Thought I would share some photos my female human took of me (and my adopted brother Mike) trying to stay warm and cozy:

In the female human’s sewing room area:


In the living room


New Slippers!

If you have been following my blog for a while then you know I have a thing for my male human’s slippers. Well – he got new slippers last weekend!

He left his old slippers by the corner of the sofa where I like to hang out, so I could continue to nest in them.

But, to his surprise – I found I like his new slippers just as much (although he has not fully scented them as much as the old ones) and he found me nesting in his new slippers!


We are Very Thankful!

My adopted brother Mike and I are having a great Thanksgiving today as our humans are where we like them – relaxing around the house, where we can keep track of them.

My humans were non traditional and had homemade Chicken Pot Pie for their Thanksgiving dinner (but with some cranberry sauce on the side). With our dinner, they included a little chicken and vegetables on top of our kibble.

Since it’s Thanksgiving, Mike and I thought we would share what we are thankful for (besides that we have two humans “under our paws”):

MIKE: His afghan that a very nice human picked up at a thrift shop – he loves a nap on it:


ME: My male human’s slippers – they are so cozy to nap in and I have my “Slipper Kingdom” at the edge of the sofa:

2016-11-24_12-48-15_348.jpgHope you and your humans had a good Thanksgiving!

Yoga Mat Sharing

I used to enjoy have my yoga mat all to myself (my female human thinks it is hermat, just because she does some weird movements on it once a day). When my adopted brother Mike moved in, he took a liking to the mat also. Initially I was not happy about this.

We now negotiated a truce, and we now share the mat. I hope that pesky female human does not think she can also start considering this her mat too!


I Think the “End of Days” is Finally Over

Mike and I are exhausted, yesterday (July 4th) seemed to be the “End of Days”. There were terrifying sounds coming from outside the house all weekend with the loudest and scariest sounds on the evening of 07/04.


I spent a lot of the weekend and Monday 07/04 hiding anywhere I could find to hide. My humans only left us alone for 2 hours to go to some party on 07/04 but then they spent the rest of 07/04 “bunkering” in with us (we watched loud movies and all snuggled on the sofa together – I figured if the world was ending we were all going to be together).

The world did not end, we are still here (though by the way I was vibrating in terror the evening of 07/04 you would think there was no tomorrow). I guess next summer we have to face the same terror again.

At least we get another year of sanity until the craziness starts again…