Human Storage?

I am trying to figure out this “airport” thing…

Is it a place where humans store other humans for a couple days and then go pick them up?

Last week drove my female human to this place called the “airport”. My male human of course drove the car as my legs could not reach the accelerator and brake…and honestly, I do not know how to drive nor do I have interest in learning.

We left my female human at this airport place and then in a couple days later we picked her up. We have done this several times and I am not sure why we send my female human to this airport place to obviously stay at for a couple days. Why doesn’t she want to be home with me being properly managed?

What does she do at this airport place after we drop her off? Is she playing with other dogs or even (gasp) some horrid cat?!?!

Roberts Field, Redmond Municipal Airport

Roberts Field, the strange airport place we drop her off for storage

I suspect my male human is just storing her there for a couple days. Humans are so weird!

5 thoughts on “Human Storage?

  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    Dear Sassy and Mike,
    I suspect it is a kennel of some sort where your human sleeps on a lumpy bed, eats bland food and is very happy so see you when you pick her up! I know you miss her but she will come back to you because she needs your management in order to thrive.
    Much Love,
    Sadie Sue (and Norma the annoying Beardie)

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    • tierneycreates says:

      That is brilliant Sadie Sue and Norma! I feel better now that she is not as comfortable as at home so that she will not stay at that kennel too long! Woof and thanks for your comment šŸ™‚ (I like that you are highly opinionated also!)


  2. Gray Barn Designs says:

    When our humans go to the kennel, we know they want to jump up and down when they see us again but they don’t because we have trained them not to jump. We do have strong opinions on things and are always happy to share them with you and Mike!

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