Mike Stays Mosquito Free!

My adopted brother Mike is staying mosquito free!

Mike was struggling with ongoing leash aggression on walks (it was fairly irritating to me as I was not able to visit with some of my dog friends in the neighborhood).

We have been working with him (I help by  modeling how calm and sane dogs behave on walks) on it for awhile and he has gotten a littlebetter, but he still likes to loudly bark at other dogs.

We asked our vet friend about no bark collars and she recommended a Citronella No Bark Collar. So we ordered one and Mike has been using it for about a week.


Instead of shocking him (like the no bark collars that give the dog a little electrical jolt), it sprays a little citronella towards his face which is annoying and makes him jump, startled, and stop barking.

It stopped Mike right away from barking his head off when other dogs go by – no he just grumbles under his breath.

My humans think it hysterical that they enjoy the refreshing citronella scent and keeps us all mosquito free!

Personally I am enjoying listening to Mike muttering under his breath as he walks by other dogs instead of barking at them. Many times he just ignores them totally now.

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