Being Accessible

Just a quick post today. Many times I wonder why my humans are not constantly petting me, scratching my neck, kissing my head and showing me other forms of affection. After all, I am very cute and lovable. I thought perhaps it has to do with “accessibility”. I happen to be around 16 inches tall and they are around 72 inches tall – quite a height difference. Maybe it is too much (or they are too lazy) to always bend down to touch me. So I have come up with a way to make myself more accessible and make it more obvious that I am in need of some affection (and remind them how terrible cute I am) – I elevate myself to a higher vantage point so they can reach me!

I have taken to getting up on the arm of the sofa when they come near so they can easily access me. This seems to be working well so far plus it makes my humans coo over the cuteness of me getting up on the sofa. I continue to keep them wrapped around my paw!


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