Remembering Snickers

This was originally posted on the Schnauzer Snips page on the blog on 04/14/2014 

Friday April 11, 2014 my adopted brother Snickers crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge” (humans say that and I am not sure what they mean. I just hope this Rainbow Bridge has plenty of good snacks and a cat or two to torment). My humans adopted him and his brother Fritz (who passed 2 years ago) when they were about 8 months old through Portland Miniature Schnauzer Rescue (now Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Inc. – He and his brother were found on the side of the highway in Madras, Oregon. At the time my current humans (I am a rescue also and had another human I managed prior to them, but she passed away) lived in Seattle, Washington. They had just lost their first rescued miniature schnauzer, Kerie, who they got when they lived in Houston. (As a side note, Kerie was found in a drainage ditch by some firemen during a storm in Houston, Texas. She was brought to the Special Pals Animal Shelter where my current humans were Animal Assisted Therapy Volunteers.)

Now where was I with my story?  Black Kitty just walked by the front porch and I got distracted. Oh yes, okay so my current humans, who had just lost their dear Kerie, their first miniature schnauzer (who hopefully managed them as excellently as I do), and they were smart and brave enough to locate a miniature schnauzer rescue organization (as how could they continue to justify their existence without a schnauzer in their life?)

Portland Miniature Schnauzer Rescue contacted my humans after they filled out their application, and said they had two miniature schnauzer brothers available that they wanted to place together. They had been found on the side of the road in Madras, Oregon and they were in foster care in Sisters, Oregon. My humans, who lived in Seattle at the time, had never heard of Madras, Oregon and my female human had only heard of Sisters, Oregon in relation to some place called The Stitchin’ Post as my human is a quilter (as you probably figured out from her part of this blog).

So they got Snickers and his brother Fritz. The foster parents from Sisters, Oregon were in Seattle 6 months later and they came to visit my humans and Snickers and Fritz. My female human even made them a dog themed quilt as a gift.


Snickers and his brother Fritz

When I arrived on the scene as a rescue nearly 2 years ago after losing my original human, Snickers was living as the only miniature schnauzer in the house (he had recently lost his brother, Fritz). We worked it out and we got along okay.  I was used to being the only dog in the household for many years, so I am very independent but I did let him occasionally nap with me. I think I miss having him around.

I hope he and Fritz are running around somewhere over that mysterious bridge humans keep talking about, chasing cats and having good snacks.


Snickers seemed to really like me (which is understandable as I am very likable)

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