Sofa Face!

My adopted brother Mike loves napping on the sofa behind my male human’s knees. He goes into a really deep sleep (like completely passed out). Usually before he falls asleep behind the human-knees he nuzzles the pillows on the sofa to get the perfect cozy position.

Well yesterday my male human got off the sofa but Mike was so deep asleep he did not notice. When my male human went to get me a biscuit for my afternoon medication (the seizure disorder thing I got going on), Mike heard the sound of the biscuit container opening and suddenly popped up – looking dazed and confused with – SOFA FACE!


How embarrassing! I am so glad my female human captured the photos above so the world can see what I had to look at. My humans did adjust his beard for him after the photo.


Keppra Side Effects – Cuddliness?

A couple of months ago I went on Keppra (Levetiracetam) for my newly developed seizure disorder. Well one of the side effects appears to be this weird “cuddliness” I have developed with my adopted brother Mike.

Before going on Keppra, for the past 4 years Mike has been with us, I have prided myself on being aloof to Mike. He knew I tolerated him as the family pet but that was about it.

Now I continue finding myself snuggling with him. What has happened to me! (Just say ‘No’ to drugs! Well unless you must take them for medical reasons…)


I just got groomed today so hopefully next time I post I will not look so shaggy (and hopefully not so “under the influence”!)

– Sassy

Suspicious Schnauzer Quilt Coziness

My adopted brother Mike, who loves quilts, has discovered a new way to get cozy in a handmade quilt made by one of our humans (my female and male human, both who I manage, make quilts for Mike and I to stay cozy in).

Here is a quilt covering my female human as she sat on the sofa (my sofa) and read a book:


But the quilt holds a secret occupant:


My female human was all snuggled in the quilt, engrossed in her book, when she noticed some movement going on in the corner of the quilt at the floor and then a schnauzer sigh of contentment and the movement stopped.

She peeked under the quilt and discovered this:


My crazy brother Mike was snuggled inside. I think he just does stuff like this because my humans think it is so cute and he is trying to get attention. I better keep an eye on him because I do not want him taking over as the lead on managing humans!

I am the only Manager the humans need!


Mike & Pillows

My adopted brother Mike, loves pillows. He is obsessed with pillows. He tries to sleep with the humans on their pillows and can be found lounging in the living room with his head on pillows.

He has a little doggy pillow that my female human actually made my male human as a joke. When her nephew Austin was a baby, her sister-in-law asked if she could make a little pillow and pillow case for Austin. My female human made a CAT themed pillow case because her brother’s family is into cats (ick, what is wrong with these people?!?!).

Well my male human thought the pillow was adorable, so my female human made a   a dog themed one (more acceptable!) for male human.

Then Mike stole the pillow and claimed it for his own!


It’s Not All About Me

My female human reminds me that my blog should not just be about me all the time. Occasionally I have to blog about my adopted brother Mike. (If you want to read Mike’s story see Taking Chances: The Mike Chronicles)

In my post Month of “The Herd” I shared that while the miniature schnauzer Greta (a master at human management) stayed with us for a week, Mike became obsessed with her bed and wanted to lie in it all the time. Well for Christmas (yes Mike and I get Christmas presents, we are key family members!) Mike got the same type of bed:


It is his “kitchen orientation spot” and the humans keep it in the kitchen so he can be cozy while they are in there cooking.

Alright that was enough about Mike, here is a photo of me (and Mike) waiting in our “living room orientation spot”. We wait here and “schnauzer-stare” at the humans while they are sitting and watching TV until they let us out the patio door behind us:


We look slightly irritated because we are waiting to go out, not posing for photographs!


Speaking of Christmas, my male human got this awesome T-shirt from my female human’s brother as his holiday gift – I highly approve!


It’s Still “All About the Ball”

I have posted about this before: how obsessed my adopted brother Mike is about his ball. If he had his way, he would play catch 24 hours a day, with a little break time for sleeping, bathroom break, and eating. He is ball-obsessed.

When my humans adopted him, he was “ball obsessed” but he only got to play ball outside, at his foster Mom’s house. When we first adopted him, we kept it to only outside ball.

Then my humans lost all sense of boundaries and let him have both “outside ball” and “inside ball”. Two years later, he has a collection of indestructible balls for the outside and the inside. There are at least 2 -3 of his ball rolling around the house at all times. They let him play ball inside, throwing the ball down the hallway for him. He has perfected catching the ball.


Mike has never been good at retrieving the ball (as in returning it to the humans). However of the past 6 months, he has perfected “throwing the ball TO the humans” so that they will play with him. His aim has gotten really good.

In addition to somehow flinging the ball with his mouth directly to the humans, I have also seem him do things such as leave the ball in their shoes, and roll it with his nose to them if they are seated on the floor.

When my female human is doing those weird movements on my yoga mat (see previous post), he likes to fling or roll the ball directly to her to bounce back to him. Endlessly. I think it has become part of her “yoga mat practice”.

Then something very funny happened today – my female human was in the room where they go to “do their business” (why can’t they just go outside like us…of course I am not picking up after them…) and she thought she had closed the door…

Well Mike busted in to throw the ball at her!

Yoga Mat Sharing

I used to enjoy have my yoga mat all to myself (my female human thinks it is hermat, just because she does some weird movements on it once a day). When my adopted brother Mike moved in, he took a liking to the mat also. Initially I was not happy about this.

We now negotiated a truce, and we now share the mat. I hope that pesky female human does not think she can also start considering this her mat too!