Mike’s Screen Time

Except for my time spent blogging, the computer has never really interested me. My adopted brother Mike, however, appears to be enamored with the computer. I think he has been spending too much time on the computer with one of our humans, looking at “dogs doing cute/silly things” videos on the laptop.

He could be better spending his time napping, managing humans, or “floor-basing” in the kitchen (check the floor to see if the humans dropped anything).

I am not sure how to approach him with my concerns – I think he feels he is spending bonding time with the humans this way…



Leading the Humans

Are you shocked – two posts from me in a 5 day period! I normally do not post that often because I am busy managing my humans and napping (my two main focuses in life).  I wanted to share what my adopted brother Mike is struggling with: he is feeling frustrated with his leash.  I explained to him that the purpose of wearing leashes is so we can lead humans around so they do not get lost. Humans without dogs attached generally look like they are wandering around clueless. Smart humans get a canine to help lead them around (or they can get a cat to direct them remotely).

I have a normal leash for leading my assigned human around. Mike, who did not receive proper leash instruction in his former home before adopted by my family, has to wear a “gentle leader” which goes around his nose. He hates his “gentle leader” and always tries to get it off.

Mike also likes to chew on leashes (as he does not get their real purpose – to lead humans around and let them think they are in control). He has chewed through a couple leashes including mine (I guess he thought he was freeing me). So Mike has a chain leash instead of a fabric leash. It makes a dragging sound when he walks around the house before a walk and no human is attached.

One day he was dragging it loudly down the hall and one of of humans said: “He sounds like the Ghost of Jacob Marley from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carole who drags around chains and states he wears the chains he forged in life!”

I am hoping in time Mike will approach the wearing of leashes the same way I do – a way to “gently lead” humans!

The Magical Recliner

My magical area for deep blissful napping is the footrest of the recliner. I was not sure if I wanted to share the experience with Mike. He is usually assigned to snuggle with the human sitting on the sofa.

My preferred spot is on the footrest of the recliner AND I will stare at a human sitting in the recliner until they engage the recliner footrest into the “up” position and invite me up. What is the purpose of a human sitting in the recliner if not to RECLINE? 

I finally decided to let Mike join a human and myself on the recliner. Although he did not get the hang of laying on the footrest but he still fell into a deep cozy nap like I do on the recliner.  It is magical!