Mike & Pillows

My adopted brother Mike, loves pillows. He is obsessed with pillows. He tries to sleep with the humans on their pillows and can be found lounging in the living room with his head on pillows.

He has a little doggy pillow that my female human actually made my male human as a joke. When her nephew Austin was a baby, her sister-in-law asked if she could make a little pillow and pillow case for Austin. My female human made a CAT themed pillow case because her brother’s family is into cats (ick, what is wrong with these people?!?!).

Well my male human thought the pillow was adorable, so my female human made a   a dog themed one (more acceptable!) for male human.

Then Mike stole the pillow and claimed it for his own!


5 thoughts on “Mike & Pillows

  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    You are a very cute Schnauzer and because of this, you should not only claim the pillow but one or two quilts as well! Cuteness covers a multitude of behaviors that humans do not agree with but trust me, they are smiling as they turn away from you. I don’t get the C-A-T thing either (I can’t even say that word today!) but my humans smell like one of those things when they return home from visiting our neighbors. The smell, it won’t go away…it’s almost as bad as a S-K-U-N-K…but let’s save that discussion for another day!
    Much love,
    Sadie Sue

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    • tierneycreates says:

      Hi Sadie Sue, Sassy is letting me reply on her blog, usually she does not let me near the computer while she is dictating to our female human, her administrative assistant. Thanks for your comments and I embrace the power of my cuteness. Sassy is training me how to control humans with it. Sorry you have to deal with that cat smell, not sure what is wrong with your humans!

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