The Schnauzer Knows

We know about my humans’ obsession with photos of myself and my brother Mike. Now my female human has discovered Instagram. This gives her an excuse to play with photos of me (without my permission). She entertained herself yesterday with editing a photo of me in Instagram and calling it The Schnauzer Knows – a play on the vintage radio show The Shadow: “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” 

I do not actually know what evil lurks in the hearts of men but I do have a good sense of what to do to get a biscuit out of a human. That is enough for me.



Schnauzer Obsession

I do not think it is a secret: my humans suffer from a “Schnauzer Obsession”. When they are not taking photos of my and my brother then they are looking at photos on the web of schnauzers. Now my female human is trying to learn how to draw us! I have posted her first attempt. Allegedly it is supposed to be me. I have not looked in a mirror lately but I think I am likely more beautiful than that – something I know instinctually.

I will bear with posing for these drawings for now and I will remind my human not to quit her day job in health care for a portrait drawing career just yet!


Update on New Years Resolutions

I appear to be having much success for my #3 New Years Resolution: “Get my humans to go to bed earlier”.

I am happy to report that they are going to bed around 10 pm every night. My female human has stopped trying to do late night craft projects (she seems to get more inspired the later it gets) and they even start to get ready for bed by 9:00 pm.

As a result I have decreased the amount of Schnauzer Stare time I dedicate to trying to will them to go to bed at a decent hour. I am so proud of myself. I thought I heard my humans say they needed to get more sleep because it is good for their health, but I think they are just trying to hide the fact that they know they need to obey me and make me happy.