Schnauzer Approved Clothing

My male human mainly wears Schnauzer-themed t-shirts. You might think this is weird but it does reinforce the natural awesomeness of Schnauzers.

He has quite the collection, and when some of his t-shirt wore out, he and my female human made them into a wallhanging quilt:


Recently a couple more of his Schnauzer-themed t-shirt wore out and had to go into the “future t-shirt quilt” pile. So my female human got him a new t-shirt on Etsy from a company called HouseBroken Clothing:


HouseBrokenClothing Etsy Shop

He is pretty excited about his new t-shirt and I heard him tell my female human that it was going now be his “dress t-shirt”.

Here is the cool tag that came with the t-shirt:



Although it is now in the “future t-shirt quilt” pile as it is worn out, this is my all time favorite Schnauzer t-shirt of my male human:




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