Humans are SO Noisy!

This post originally appears on the Schnauzer Snips page of the tierneycreates blog on 02/03/2014 

Me staring at noisy humans while they cheer for birds/raptors on TV.My humans were so noisy on Sunday 2/2/14, they were interfering with my nap time. They were watching something on TV called the Super-something and rooting for some team called the Seabirds, or was it Sea-raptors, or something like that.

Something to do with birds.  This confuses me as we have plenty of birds in the front yard due to the bird feeders my humans keeps full (to support the “Natural Selection Convention” which bring plenty of neighborhood kitties for me to watch out the window) and I am not sure why they were rooting for birds on TV when there are plenty of birds outside.

Humans are so weird.  Just as I would start to fall asleep, they would yell at the TV (with happy voices). Several times, one of my humans proceeded to jump up and down and do some strange dance. Maybe it was a special bird/raptor dance. Well my humans seem very happy right now, actually down right smug. I hope this means I will get more dog biscuits (I should benefit from this in some manner, right?).


Me staring at noisy humans as they cheer for “sea birds” or “sea raptors” on TV

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