Getting Air

This post was originally posted on the blog’s Schnauzer Snips’ page 05/26/2014

Just a quick post today – I wanted to share with you the joys of “getting air” – hanging your head outside the car window while the car is moving fast. I had to negotiate for quite a while with my humans to get them to relax and let me do this – they had some stupid safety concerns. The final compromise was that I could put my head outside the car with the windows rolled all the way down if I was in some weird three to four point “safety holds”. One of my humans has me on her lap, with my leash on and attached to her left arm and secured several loops. Then she has to also hold my collar…I mean necklace…as well as one of my legs. It is so restraining but at least I get to GET AIR.

Nothing beats the feel of your head out the window with the rush of the wind blowing your beard and the sensation of running fast – “running like the wind”! More humans should try this (not small humans but adult humans) and if necessary have someone do one of those 3 to 4 point safety holds on you…



This post was originally posted on the blog on the Schnauzer Snips pages on 05/05/2014.

It is unbelievable how well trained I have my humans. It did not start with me but with their previous miniature schnauzers (aka “world dominators”, see my previous post) who somehow convinced their humans (now my humans) to buy special dog backpacks to carry them around in.

Recently, my humans and I went on vacation to the Oregon  Coast and I got to spend my second vacation with them being carried around in my backpack. What is nice about the backpack is that I can go with them into shops as they wander around their vacation town. Most shops do not mind having a dog come into the shop (actually they are very lucky to have a dog come in)  if the dog is in a back pack. Thanks to my backpack,  I do not get left in the hotel room or in the car while my humans enjoy window shopping. I am always fairly mad when left anywhere – how can I supervise them if I am not with them? Duh!

I wanted to share some photos my human took of me in my backpack. Technically I am supposed to be sitting down in it with just my head peeking out but I like to stand in it sometimes and hang my arm over the edge.  Not only do I look cool but I can get a better look at the other humans wandering around (and dogs out and about on leashes who are not lucky enough… or way too large) to be carried around in a backpack. One of my favorite things while being in the backpack is when the human carrying me gets startled because they discovered someone is secretly petting me and/or giving me a biscuit behind their backs!


I like viewing the world from this perspective (and being carried around by humans)