This was originally posted on the tierneycreates.com blog on the Schnauzer Snips page on 06/23/2014. 

It is not a secret – I love quilts! They are the natural habitat for miniature schnauzers (besides afghans and cozy laps).

So the other day my female human’s long arm quilter friend dropped off one of her quilts that had been professionally quilted. It was an old quilt that was sort of falling apart (I never got to use it, it was put away) and my female human took her very amateur (she is okay with me saying that because it was from her early days of quilting) quilting down, repaired the quilt and put on a new border.

Well the long arm quilter did a very nice simple yummy quilting on the quilt. Then they left it on the floor after spreading it out and looking at it, and went to the back room so my female human could show her friend her current project. When they returned – BOOM! I was busted! I was just trying it out and making sure it met Miniature Schnauzer Level of Coziness Standards.


My human gave in – she put the binding on and then laid it out for me to use whenever I want!

I love having my humans “under my paw”!

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