The “Incident”

Look at my face, don’t I look innocent?


My Humans have accused me of stealing food – something they refer to “The Incident“.

My male Human left some potato chips in a bowl on the end table in the living room and went to get something from another room. When he returned, he accused me (could you imagine!?!?) of eating some of his potato chips.

Just because I was sitting near the chips and the only one in the area (Mike the miniature schnauzer followed my male Human to wherever he ran off to), does not mean I was responsible for “The Incident”.

I am glad it was not chocolate that the Human left on the end table, as that could be very dangerous temptation (dogs should not have chocolate, not that I am admitting that I would touch any Human food lying around in reach).

Do I need an attorney?


The Pillow Heist

No big news from the land of managing humans other than my brother Mike Hogan has a new cozy spot – my former pillow in my female human’s quilting area. This used to be my favorite spot but now it is his! I am okay with it, as I have my human’s shoes to snuggle with (see previous posts…) and no longer need the pillow.