Sharing “Air”

You will see from my previous posts that I love hanging out the car window (though my humans heavily supervise this activity) and I refer it this activity as “Getting Air”.

Sharing the Air Experience

Recently I have started sharing the Air experience with my adopted brother Mike, who appeared to be a “car window virgin”. I do not think his previous humans (who gave him up for adoption!) ever let him do fun thinks like hang out a car window.

My humans started slow with allowing him to “Get Air” and after they built up trust of him (though they more heavily supervise him than me) they started letting him get “Full Air” with me out of the car window. He gets really blissful when he is “getting air” and seems to love it as much as I do (those humans do not know what they are missing)!


Mike and I are aerodynamic!

Not for safety reasons, we are only allowed to “Get Air” on neighborhood streets when the car is going under 35 miles per hour (sometimes it feels like the humans are going 5 miles per hour). Ultimately we would love to “Get Air” while going fast on the highway but our humans feel that would be too dangerous!

Training Mike to Properly “Get Air”

Once the humans allowed him to start “Getting Air”, I had to train him on Ithe proper way to lean your head out the car window and “get air” (heavily supervised by my over controlling Humans). At first it seemed as if he was trying to lean his whole body out the window (this was quickly vetoed by the humans…)

He is really coming along in his training and no longer tries to hog the window or spastically try to jockey for the best position. We can now both enjoy the feel of wind in our beards – side by side!


This is what I am talking about!

I seem to really have the humans under control as the female human (after much encouragement from the male human) has finally returned to making homemade dogs biscuits (Schnauzer Snacks). Mike and I got a fresh batch the other day.

It was fun to watch the humans working together to make the biscuits (humans should always work together to make dogs happy), and I love how the house smells while the dogs biscuits are baking.

If you want the recipe for Schnauzer Snacks, it is on this post link –  Humans are Okay (if they provide treats)


I like high quality organic store bought biscuits, but nothing beats HOMEMADE BISCUITS!

Mike Might Be Out of Control…

So last night my female human put a quilt on the recliner to work on sewing down the binding; and went to another room for a moment. When she got back, this is what she found:



She ended up just letting him lay there because she thought it was so cute (rolling my eyes) and did not work on the sewing the binding down.

Mike is out of control on manipulating humans with cuteness and I am worried he is going to get more biscuits than me; or (even worse) gain more control than me over managing the humans!