Shoe Kingdom

My humans found me asleep this way and felt they had to take a photo…


They were sitting on the sofa and had deposited both of their slippers/shoes in the same location, and was able to create a SHOE KINGDOM!


It’s Not All About Me

My female human reminds me that my blog should not just be about me all the time. Occasionally I have to blog about my adopted brother Mike. (If you want to read Mike’s story see Taking Chances: The Mike Chronicles)

In my post Month of “The Herd” I shared that while the miniature schnauzer Greta (a master at human management) stayed with us for a week, Mike became obsessed with her bed and wanted to lie in it all the time. Well for Christmas (yes Mike and I get Christmas presents, we are key family members!) Mike got the same type of bed:


It is his “kitchen orientation spot” and the humans keep it in the kitchen so he can be cozy while they are in there cooking.

Alright that was enough about Mike, here is a photo of me (and Mike) waiting in our “living room orientation spot”. We wait here and “schnauzer-stare” at the humans while they are sitting and watching TV until they let us out the patio door behind us:


We look slightly irritated because we are waiting to go out, not posing for photographs!


Speaking of Christmas, my male human got this awesome T-shirt from my female human’s brother as his holiday gift – I highly approve!


“Snowmageddon” continues but we have biscuits…

The snow has not let up in Central Oregon. Mike has embraced the snow, I have not (so you will see no photos of me enjoying the snow below…)

Photos from “Snowmageddon”

Here is Mike after rolling in the snow:


Here is Mike after diving into a snow bank to retrieve his ball:


Here is the path the humans had to shovel/dig so we would have a place to pee in the morning when we first get up and at night before we go to bed (we go on two walks a day otherwise):



We were running low on our organic store bought dog biscuits, so our humans had to breakdown and make them from scratch (as the roads are not very safe to drive to get to the store).

Here is my male human preparing the biscuits (Schnauzer Snacks):


And here they are – right out of the oven (the house smells so good!):


If you would like the recipe for Schnauzer Snacks it is on the post: HUMANS ARE OKAY (IF THEY PROVIDE TREATS)




Happy Snowy New Year

Happy New Year from Mike and I. We have been hunkering down in snowy Central Oregon.

Our humans insist on taking us on two walks a day, even in this crazy weather! Here is Mike recently on our walk:


Mike in the Winter Wonderland

I won’t stop on the walk long enough to be photographed, I just want to “do my business” and get back to napping in my slippers.


Hoping to spend most of the winter “slipper-sleeping”

These are actually now MY SLIPPERS – my male human got new slippers (see post New Slippers!) and he gave his old slippers to me (I keep them in my “Slipper Kingdom” area of the living room next to the sofa).

I just want to say thank you to everyone who signed up to follow my new blog. I will keep coming up with opinions to share!

Stay warm (unless you already live somewhere warm…and if so, I am seething with envy…)


Schnauzer Snips is Now Live

After 3 years of having a page on my female human’s tierneycreates blogI now have my own real Schnauzer Snips blog! So you will be able to follow me directly and not be required to follow my female human just so you can stay up to day with my adventures!  (I am sure many of you are just following her blog out of courtesy so you can really read what I am up to!)

My female human, who has better computer skills than I do, spent the past couple of weeks transferring 3 years of content (I did not realize I had shared so many of my musings!)

I did provide her with moral support while she transferred all those posts. Moral support is exhausting and so it is time to pass out in my male human’s slipper again.