Pets on Quilts 2017

I do not consider myself a “pet”, I am a “fur-person” but I am going to participate in this blog contest held by Lilypad Quilting called “Pets on Quilts 2017“.

My human, tierneycreates‘, blogging buddy Abbie at Sparkle On, entered the contest with some…cat. So now I need to enter to ensure that canines are properly represented!

I was looking through photos of me on quilts with my female human (she is better with the laptop than I am) and at first I thought about entering one of these photos below, of me being exceptionally cute (as usual) with a quilt(s):


In the one above, I am beingΒ exceptionally cute!

But then I decided, I would not just make it about me and looked through some photos of my adopted brother Mike on quilts, and decided this is the one we will enter:


It was one of those very rare occasions when my female human manages to take a really decent photo!

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