I Love Bed

I am trying to post more often as I know there must be many humans who want to know what I am up to – maybe they are even reading my blog to the fur-people (dogs, or…ick…cats) that live with them. I do realize not all dogs can write or read like I can. Not sure I have discussed this before but love bedI enjoy napping in various places (refer to my post “11/4/13 – NAPPING” to learn more about how I have mastered the nap), but I am not talking about napping – I am talking about B-E-D, bed. I love going to bed: I wait all day until it is bedtime and I can get my additional 7-8 hours sleep to enhance the other 6-10 hours I already had during the day.

When I first moved in with my humans (when I “rescued” them) I discovered they liked to stay up pretty late (past 9 pm). They did not understand that I have my BEDTIME. So what I had to do, and I hope they did not think I was too rude, was just get up from the living room and go to bed by myself. They would start laughing and saying: “well we seem to be staying up past Sassy’s bedtime”. I would glare at them and then walk off to the bedroom waiting for them to follow me AND many time they would not! They would even stay up an extra hour past when I went to bed. After a couple of weeks of this, I finally adapted to their schedule and now I stay in the same room with them until they are ready to go to bed. I am not saying I stay awake: usually my loud snoring (a subtle hint) on the sofa interrupts their TV show, but that is their issue.

I do not understand why anyone would delay going to bed – I love bed!


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