Sofa Face!

My adopted brother Mike loves napping on the sofa behind my male human’s knees. He goes into a really deep sleep (like completely passed out). Usually before he falls asleep behind the human-knees he nuzzles the pillows on the sofa to get the perfect cozy position.

Well yesterday my male human got off the sofa but Mike was so deep asleep he did not notice. When my male human went to get me a biscuit for my afternoon medication (the seizure disorder thing I got going on), Mike heard the sound of the biscuit container opening and suddenly popped up – looking dazed and confused with – SOFA FACE!


How embarrassing! I am so glad my female human captured the photos above so the world can see what I had to look at. My humans did adjust his beard for him after the photo.

3 thoughts on “Sofa Face!

  1. Gray Barn Designs says:

    Dear Sassy,
    My human was laughing so hard while staring at something she calls her iPhone. She said something about funny schnauzer pictures and then she mentioned Mike. I can only guess what she was laughing about and then she called me “Nap Nose”!!!! I don’t think Sofa Face or Nap Nose are names that we darling Schnauzers should tolerate BUT as long as we get to snuggle with our humans and continue to get love (and food) I guess we can let this go.
    Sadie Sue

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    • tierneycreates says:

      Nap Nose! I shared that with my humans and they are laughing and like it (silly humans are easily entertained). Yes the things we have to tolerate. Thanks for your comments Sadie Sue and for being my “sister in fur” – Sassy

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