Month of “The Herd”

First I would like to apologize for the terrible photography on the part of my female human. She insists on taking photos with her archaic smartphone (she keeps refusing to upgrade even though the technology has improved x 10) and there is nothing I can do about it as I have yet to learn how to take photos and of course selfies. 

October has been quite the month – a month of the ENDLESS HERD! (Or the “Schnerd” as my humans like to say)

parade of schnauzers has run through our house for the past couple of weeks. Our humans are helping out friends who are out of town on an extended trip who watch other human’s dogs (or “managers” if you want to use the correct term for canines who have successful domesticated their humans). Our humans agreed to cover “Schnauzer-sitting” during October for their friends.

So we ended up having 3 different sets of schnauzers staying with us this month.


First there was Ollie, who is an older miniature schnauzer, with some bladder control issues (our humans kept coming across his puddles in the house). He also appears to be deaf (or just choosing to ignore out humans). But our humans found him terribly sweet and very adorable. He also loved to cuddle.


Then there was Greta, who stayed with us nearly a week. She is an older girl like me (she is 12?) and she is also a Professional Human Manager. I was amazed at her skills and picked up some new ideas and tricks to keep humans in line.

She came with a bed that Mike took over and loved to curl up in. He also liked to spend time with her on the pillow in the living room. Not sure if it was an “older woman” thing or he had no other option but to share the pillow.

Freida & Chopper

The month of the herd concluded with another stay by Freida and Chopper. They previously stayed with us in September (see my 09/14/2016 – THE HERD post below). Mike was happy to be reunited with his ball playing friends Freida and Chopper (I do not play ball, that is too “dog-like” for me). Chopper is very smart and would “throw” (well fling) the ball for the other schnauzers to retrieve.

Also Chopper loves Mike and attached himself to him again, going wherever Mike goes and wanting to cuddle with him. Mike seemed to accept Chopper as his attachment.  Freida is a Standard Schnauzer, and unlike Greta and myself, did not seem as adept at managing humans. Maybe it is a miniature schnauzer thing – because we are smaller we more easily take control of the human’s minds and actions!


I was so exhausted after weeks of “The Herd” all I could do is pass out in my slippers!


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