Perfecting the “Schnauzer Stare”

This post was originally posted on the tierneycreates blog on 01/06/2014 

Happy New Year every one! A brief post this week, as I have been busy managing humans in another household. My humans went on an East Coast trip with family and my brother and I were sent to the dog babysitter’s house for 5 1/2 days.

When “managing humans” (whether in my own household or another household), use of the “Schnauzer Stare” is highly effective.

The “Schnauzer Stare” shows that you are not playing around and that you mean BUSINESS! I think I have it down to a science and I have included a photo of one of my staring masterpieces that says “you will share a piece of that bacon from your plate now!”

(The “Schnauzer Stare” can also be enhanced by shifting your weight foot to foot while staring to stress your impatience).

Happy Staring!


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